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Highlight Reel January 13th-19th, 2014 January 19, 2014

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movie-reel[1]A rather uneventful week,  Here’s what went on in the Simmonds home.

Monday:  Had to work in the grocery section rather that the electronics department today.  (Actually ended up working in grocery all week)  I spent today in the hispanic section and laughed at the no heat jalapenos and the vegetarian refried beans (they just sound like oxymorons, don’t they?)  After work I stopped off at Janeens to do a 2 mile inside walk.

Tuesday:  Happy Birthday to my oldest son Tyler!!  He’s now 24 years old!!  Today I worked with rice & beans in the grocery department.  I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of dried beans.  I had to go home & google cranberry beans, pink beans & mayacopa beans to find out what they tasted like and what you could do with them.  I went to my TOPS meeting to weigh in for the first time in a month (yikes! not good!) then I watched the Minnesota Wild Game.

Wednesday:  Woke up early to do my 10 Minute Solutions video.  Even though the workout is short, it really kicks my butt!  I worked all day in the coffee aisle which is interesting because I do not drink coffee, nor do I even like the smell!  I have been struggling all week with a sinus thing.  My nose has been so plugged up.  It’s so miserable when you can’t breathe right.  It’s times like this that I really sympathize with allergy sufferers who spend a fair amount of time plugged up.

Thursday:  I worked half the day in coffee and then switched to the baking aisle in the afternoon.  Again, a real education.  A customer asked me for coconut palm sugar.  I didn’t even know they made it!  But I found it for her!  Relaxed at home and watched the Wild game.

Friday:  Finished up in the baking aisle today.  Hopefully next week I will be back to my regular department.  I did my grocery shopping for the weekend in anticipation of the mini storm we had coming in.  We were supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow with high winds causing blowing & drifting overnight so I wanted to be prepared.  Tyler & Monica decided to go out to eat with some friends so Jeff and I watched Gracie while they were gone.  She had fun playing “wisbee” with her Papa Jeff.


Gracie with tongue out waiting to catch the “wisbee” aka frisbee that papa Jeff was throwing






Saturday:  Hockey Day Minnesota!  Fox Sports North broadcast 16 hours of straight hockey programming and I watched the majority of it!  I did have to take a break at supper time because Tyler & Monica invited us over to celebrate his birthday.  They made us Philly Cheesesteaks and we had cheese & crackers and chips as well.  It was yummy!  Monica, Mom & I played a game of 35 before we headed home to watch the end of the Wild game.

Sunday:  I was lector at church this morning.  After breakfast Jeff & Zach climbed up on the roof to clear some of the snow off and chisel the ice from around the skylights.  In the afternoon Zach and I played Deal or No Deal on the computer before he headed to work.  Jeff watched football most of the day (from the facebook comments it seemed like EVERYONE was watching football) and I went over to Mom’s to visit with her for a while.


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