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Thanksgiving 2010 November 28, 2010

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Thanksgiving this year was bittersweet.  While Nana is no longer with us, we still have Papa and it was a joy to have him with us.  He walked in the door and was so happy to be at Mom’s house he started to sob.  It was heartbreaking!  While the rest of us fought back tears we helped him get situated and comfortable until dinner was ready.

Mom served us a wonderful meal like she does every year.  We keep telling her she doesn’t need to go quite so overboard but she has never been very good at listening!  My aunt Candy and her boyfriend were able to join us and Bonnie had the day off as well.  After cleaning up the dinner table Papa fell asleep in the recliner (too much turkey?) and Monica, Mom, Bonnie, Candy and I played a round of  Mexican Train dominoes. Tyler laid down & took a nap because he was feeling lousy.  Zach and Jeff watched football downstairs where it was much cooler. 

We warmed up the leftovers for supper and ate way too much again before everyone bundled up to go home.  It was hard not having Nana with us for the holiday and I’m sure Christmas will be harder still but the thing I was most thankful for this year was having Papa with us. From his reaction “This was the best day in my whole life!” I think he was thankful too!


Highlight Reel November 20th-26th, 2010

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Saturday- Zach spent the afternoon babysitting Aidan while Lori was at her Weight Watchers meeting in St Cloud.  I went to Marvin & Gloria’s anniversary mass and then joined Mom & Dad at their anniversary party at St Mathias Park.  It was a very nice day with a great meal.  When Zach got done with his babysitting job, he went immediately to his friend Brett’s 16th birthday party. 

Sunday- After mass & catechism we braved the icy roads to bring Zach in to Trinity Lutheran Church to sell wreaths for Boy Scouts.  I picked him up a couple of hours later and came home, picked up Mom’s cake and bingo tickets and delivered them to the church.  I was supposed to serve today but I had to get home to make a couple of pans of bars for tonight’s Court of Honor.  We braved the icy roads again (and told Mom & Dad not too!) and went to Zach’s Fall Court of Honor where he received his Rifle, Archery, Physical Fitness, and Weather merit badges.  Yay Zach!

Monday- Because of all the hard work the Boy Scouts did leading up to Court of Honor, the meeting tonight was a fun relaxing night for them.  They played cards & games and had pizza and pop.

Tuesday- nothing going on.  Loved it!

Wednesday- Made my raspberry jello salad, cheese balls, and layered vegetable salad for tomorrow’s feast while watching the Wild game.

Thursday- A very special Thanksgiving.  Papa, Candy & Darryl, and Bonnie were able to join us for the day.  Mom made a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner as always.  She made turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, relish trays, pumpkin, apple & pecan pies and I supplied the few things I had made the day before.  Papa was so happy to be there he cried!  It was heartbreaking.  It was also nice he had all 3 of his children together for the holiday.  First time that has happened in YEARS!

Friday- Black Friday, The Event, Blitz…whatever you want to call it- it was exhausting!  Some sales started at midnight and others at 5am.  I practically ran all day trying to keep up with sales, stocking and returns.  CRAZY!


Highlight Reel November 13th-19th, 2010 November 20, 2010

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Saturday- After a breakfast of waffles, scrambled eggs and sausages the hunters decided to relax a little before going out again.  It was a lot colder this weekend then it was last weekend so they were ready for warm blankets when they came back in.  Monica, Gracie and I went in to visit Papa and Mom for about a half hour and then I came home and put on two pans of lasagna and invited Dad over to join us.  That evening Monica and I watched the DVD she had brought over- Hot Tub Time Machine.  I was not impressed.  It was dumb and very vulgar and I ended up going out to the kitchen to clean up a little.

Sunday- I went to 8am mass this morning because I was scheduled to be Eucharistic minister.  It was also a memorial mass for Nana.  I left Zach there for catechism and I came back and put in buttermilk biscuits for a Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit breakfast.  Monica had brought some caramel rolls and orange juice for us to eat as well.  After breakfast Gracie and I headed in to town to spend an hour or so with Mom & Papa again.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Dora and reading Corduroy’s Christmas.  I now have them both memorized.  Supper in the crockpot was Bluegrass Chicken and I made mashed potatoes, green beans and chocolate chunk cookies for an accompaniment.  Monica had brought the DVD Grownups so we watched that.  Definitely better than the last one.

Monday- Zach finally got out tonight to sell wreaths since the deadline was tonight.  In an hour he had sold 15 small and 1 large wreath to our wonderful neighbors and friends who are so awesome to support him and the Boy Scouts every year.

Tuesday-  I went to Papa’s on my lunch break today to visit and was treated with a slice of banana bread.  I’m not much of a banana person but my mom makes the best banana bread!  After work I stopped by City Hall to see the traveling exhibit from the Library of Congress.  They were only stopping at three cities in Minnesota and we were picked to be one of them.  Supper tonight was steaks, au gratin potatoes, mixed veggies and the leftover buttermilk biscuits from breakfast last Sunday.  No dessert though!

Wednesday- An evening at home with the hubby and Zach.  They watched TV,  I enjoyed a fire outside on a chilly evening.

Thursday- Zach’s last physical therapy!  Yay!  His therapist Nicole said he made awesome progress the ast 3 weeks.  Now all he has to do is pass his functional test in 3 weeks and he will be good to go.  After  therapy we celebrated with a Dairy Queen Blizzard then I dropped him off at Jeff’s work and went to my Tri parish Pastoral Council meeting and then headed home.  Thankfully we didn’t have Bible Study tonight too.  That would have been too much!

Friday-My friend Lori invited me to Bunco night.  There were 16 ladies and we had 4 tables going.  At the end I won $20!  We had great appetizers and Cosmos and we also played “shit bucket.”  (Don’t ask!)  I came home to find the Wild had won (woo hoo!) and the Warrior football team had lost their semi final game.  They were only the second Warrior football team to be undefeated in regular season play.  Great run guys!


Highlight Reel November 6th-12th, 2010 November 16, 2010

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Saturday- Kids got up early to hunt.  Tyler aimed at a buck and just heard a click.  Apparently he didn’t have the action completely shut on his rifle or something.  He came back kind of cranky!  I had breakfast burritos waiting for them when they got back.  When Jeff got home he went out with them and ending up getting 2 does.  One was a nice sized one, the other was smaller and not normally one he would have taken but he noticed it was limping and injured pretty bad so he decided to put it out of its misery.  Of course this happened right before dark so we didn’t make it to hunter’s mass.  I made stroganoff for supper and Oreo cake for dessert.  We watched Date Night and they were all in bed by 10:30.

Sunday- Because I missed mass the night before, I went to church this morning. No more deer tonight.  In fact Jeff called his brother to see if he wanted one of the deer, so him and Angie and Sarah and Eric came over and ended up staying for supper.  Zach had fun with his cousin Eric whom he doesn’t get to see often.

Monday-  We picked up Eric for Boy Scouts tonight and the boys had fun playing an outdoor football type game.  Afterwards we went to Little Caesars!  Today was also my Dad’s birthday.  The poor dear spent it all by himself but I hope he realizes how much we love him and appreciate him.  My dad is the awesomest dad there is.  He’s always there to help out with anything you need and he’s great with his grandchildren.  He worries too much but we know that’s because he truly cares.  Have a great day Dad.  I love you!

Tuesday-I had book club tonight.   The book we read “The Botticelli Secret took place in 15th century Italy so we themed or potluck around Italian foods.  We had stuffed shells, Genoa salami, polenta, brownie biscotti, wine and more.  After we discussed the book we had a surprise baby shower for Jody Allord Smith.  We have many crafty bookies who gave gifts of beautiful knitted and crocheted baby blankets and hats and other fun stuff.

Wednesday- Zachary stayed home from school today to go hunting with his dad.  They came back with nothing.

Thursday-  Great Bible study tonight with all in attendance.  We had a great discussion on how it’s so easy to judge people and hard to break those preconceived notions we have of people because of the way they dress or smell.  Jesus sent a clear message when he dined with sinners and tax collectors, and touched lepers to heal them.

Friday-  Zach went out hunting when he got home from school and I went in to visit with Papa and Mom.  Neither one was having a good day and I hoped to cheer them up.  Zach ended up going to Saint for supper with my Dad since I wasn’t coming home in time.  Monica and Gracie came out to spend the weekend with us so Monica could go hunting and I could watch Gracie.


First Weekend of Deer Hunting November 7, 2010

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Well, opening weekend didn’t prove to be so successful.  Tyler tried to shoot at one Saturday evening but his gun just went click, Zach scared a 6 point buck away Saturday morning and Monica shot at one and missed Saturday night.  But Jeff got two does Saturday evening!


A Little Witch

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Gracie surprised me on Halloween by coming as a witch with dark hair.  I was told she was going to be a princess!  But even as a witch she’s cuter than any princess I have ever seen!


Highlight Reel October 30th-November 5th, 2010

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Saturday-Went to town early to get my Halloween candy.  I can’t buy it to early because my family would have it gone in no time!

Sunday- Gracie came over for Halloween tonight she was the cutest little witch I ever did see!

Monday- Scouts tonight was just working on basic scout skills and getting ready for Fall Court of Honor.

Tuesday- Faith Formation large group meeting tonight.  Our committee chair went around and around on a topic we all thought we had resolved at the last meeting. Guess he didn’t like what we had agreed on!

Wednesday- The guys did some last minute work on the deer stand today to get ready for Saturday’s opener.

Thursday- Zach had therapy today and his therapist finally thought he was ready to hop on both legs.  Making progress!  Bible study tonight was on Acts 9, Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus.  Love that story!

Friday- Monica came over late this evening so she could spend the night and be ready for deer hunting early in the morning.  Tyler was complaining because she took his bed and he couldn’t get comfortable on the couch!