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Highlight Reel July 23rd-30th, 2011 July 31, 2011

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Saturday- I was up at 4:30am this morning to watch my little Gracie girl.  Monica had to work mandatory overtime and had no sitter so I stepped in to help out.  It was still dark out so Gracie went back to sleep and as soon as she nodded off a big storm moved through.  Thankfully she slept through it all so I was able to get a little more shut-eye in as well.  In the evening Zach and I went over to mom & dad’s and sat by the fire and chatted until almost 10pm.

Sunday- Church, breakfast, then fishing on the Mighty Mississipp. 

Monday- Visited with Papa & Candy today for lunch, visited with Mom & Dad during the nightly news. Zach had his friend Eli over for the evening so it was a quiet night for me.

Tuesday- Could not for the life of me get to sleep.  I was up at 4:30 am this morning so you would have thought I would be zonked early.  Nope, still up at 1:30 am.  Man, I hope this doesn’t become a habit!

Wednesday-  It’s Mom’s week to watch Papa again and that means Dad’s on his own when it comes to meals.  Knowing how he “cooks” (peanut butter sandwich) I invited him over for chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered brussels sprouts and ice cream.  Dad had just picked some fresh cucumbers from the garden so Zach sliced some of them up for the table as well.  After Dad had went home Jeff and Zach drove down to the river for a quick dip to cool off.  The temperature today reached 85 degrees but the humidity made it feel warmer so they felt really refreshed by the time they made it home.  Too bad the deer flies about drove them nuts while they were there!

Thursday- nothing

Friday- Went in this evening to play cards with mom at Papa’s house.  For once I won!  I went home with a whole pocket full of change!


Mighty Eagles Swimming Patrol Night July 23, 2011

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Zach’s Boy Scout Patrol came over tonight to do some swimming.  One of the boys, Austin, recently damaged a tendon in his foot and was unable to swim so he just fished off the dock at the access.  The other boys are like fish though and it was hard to get them out of the water for supper.  When we finally convinced them it was time to eat, we went home, started a fire and cooked some brats over the fire.  I had made up a crock pot full of goulash earlier and we also had chips, pink lemonade, juice and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches from Schwann’s that Alvin had brought with him.  It was a fun relaxing end to the week and a well deserved break from the icky, sticky weather we had earlier in the week.


The Hairy Mosquito

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On our little weekend foray last week we stopped at a little roadside antique shop outside of Milaca called the Hairy Mosquito.  While there I had to snap this picture of Zach.


Highlight Reel July 16th-22nd

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Saturday- we woke up in the air-conditioned comfort of the casino and decided to take off and have some fun before the air got too tropical.  We headed to Milaca to browse through the large unclaimed freight building they have there.  After Zach bought a cane pole and I bought a few cookbooks (my weakness) we traveled into the town to find a place fo lunch.  After eating at Hardees we headed back to the casino, stopping twice (once at the Rum River and once at Lake Shakopee) for Zach to try out his new cane pole.  Once we got back to the casino it was time to go swimming!  We cooled off in the pool playing football and relaxing in the hot tub.  We worked up quite an appetite so we headed to the buffet and I ate far too much.  Ugh!

Sunday- Not wanting to leave the comfort of the casino, we reluctantly packed up and headed for home where we wilted in the wetness of the stagnant afternoon air.

Monday-Wednesday- Hot! Hot! Hot! With hard to breathe humidity made these three days difficulty to function in.

Thursday- A break from the heat and humidity.  A truly beautiful day.

Friday-  Zach’s Boy Scout Patrol came over to do some swimming and afterwards we cooked some brats over the fire.  I had made some goulash that I had in the crock pot and Alvin brought along Schwann’s Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream sandwiches for a treat.  The weather was perfect and the boys had a great time.  A nice end to the grueling week.


And the Queen is… July 17, 2011

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Tuesday my book club had its annual Queen Coronation.  Every year the Bookies dress up in dresses and formal gowns and make a case as to why they should be the Queen of Book Club for the next year.  The girls all get together their best speeches, poems, songs and stories to try to get the votes of the others.  Every year we all up our game, some even try to bribe us with candy and treat bags (and yes, it does work!)

This year, like last, our coronation was at Sharon’s beautiful home on the lake.  Her husband Jeff grilled hamburgers and brats and the rest of the bookies contributed desserts, salads, beans & chips to the event.  Sharon’s friend Jan was visiting and became an honorary member for the night.  She even wore a dress like the rest of us.  Way to go Jan!

We chose next months read (The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson) our October classic read (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen) and then came the time for the speeches.  Sharon did a wonderful haiku, Amy brought on the Ghiradelli chocolate bribe, Lori P shared us with the tweets, posts and text messages from Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian and Queen Elizabeth.  Kaydi wrote prose that included al the books from the past year, Laura (who is expecting her first child in October) wrote her speech to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  It was so hard to choose a winner but in the end our new Queen was Amy M.  Congratulations Queen Amy, may your reign be happy and memorable!



Highlight Reel July 2nd-8th, 2011 July 8, 2011

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Saturday- stopped in to visit Papa & Mom.  I was feeling so much better so today I could actually visit with him!  I still had a little bit of a sore throat but it turns out the only thing that was ailing me was a summer cold!  Zach spent the evening at North Central with friends and Jeff and I kept it low key at home.  I did visit with dad for a little bit.

Sunday- Church, then Jeff and Zach went fishing.  Once it turned dark Dad came over to watch Zach light off some small fireworks.

Monday- Beautiful 4th weatherwise!  Nice relaxing day.

Tuesday-Back to work with a slight sunburn but all is good. 

Wednesday- janeen called and wanted to go walking.  I really didn’t want to walk in this heat but I figured I better get off my butt and put some miles on.  In the evening I took over the pail of rhubarb slush I made last weekend.  It’s very yummy and refreshing!  Mom & Dad loved it too!  We played 2 games of 35 and a game of Pass the Ace and as usual I didn’t win any of them.

Thursday-  Zach and Jeff went fishing all day yesterday.  I put chicken on the grill, baked some potatoes, put together a salad and cut up peaches for Peaches & Cream dessert.  Right around dark Zach gets this idea to go fishing on the river.  he has a feeling he will finally catch the elusive muskie if he fishes at dark.  I was against the idea, but he’s been such an awesome helper lately I couldn’t say no.  Next time I will!  The mosquiyos about ate me alive!  It was miserable.  And to top it all off, he didn’t get a single strike on his line.

Friday-  It was a short week because of the holiday but it sure felt like a long one.  I spent my lunch break at Papa’s where he told me about his “twisted teeth” lol.  After work I took Zach down to the lake to go fishing and Harlan Stout came along and offered to take him tubing behind the boat.  He had a blast!  We rounded off the evening by playing cards on the patio.




Celebrating the Fourth of July- Small Town Style July 5, 2011

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  First of all, Happy Independence Day to you!  If you’re reading this that means I wasn’t too sunburned and I was able to pick up the laptop and type away about our typical, wonderful, holiday celebration in my hometown.

Our day starts off in the town of Crosby with the parade.  We used to go to the Brainerd parades all the time but the people start roping off their spots a week in advance and it’s basically 2 hours worth of fire trucks so we, for the last 15 years or so, have opted to go to the parade in Crosby instead.  In Brainerd they are not allowed to throw candy from the floats in case someone were to get hurt.  In Crosby the children always came home with gallon sized Ziploc bags full of it.  A definite plus in their books!

After the parade our tradition has been to stop off at the Merrifield Lion’s Park for lunch before heading to Pelican Beach to swim.  this year the State of Minnesota had to get their nose in the middle of our plans and shut down the government, thus closing Pelican Beach.  This kind of threw our plans up in the air for a while, but determined not to let it get us down, we found an alternate location this year.  We ate at Deerwood Park and then headed to Garrison for some swimming on Mille Lacs.

Once we’ve had our fill of fun in the sun, it’s time to get our fill of pizza too.  We called ahead to Papa John’s, ordered 2 large pizzas and brought them to Gregory Park where we lounged on blankets in the shade. 

On to the finale- fireworks!  We arrived at the high school football field at 7:30pm in anticipation of the big event.  If you don’t get there 3 hours before hand you will never find a close enough place to park.  Brainerd, being the Fourth of July capitol, draw some rather large crowds!  We waited eagerly for 10:15 to come so we could see the shy light up with reds, purples, & golds and it was well worth the wait!  Our vantage point was awesome and we ooh’ed and ahh’ed for almost a half hour before packing up out gear and heading for home.  It was a late one for Jeff who has to get up at 3 am for work, but everyone enjoyed the day!