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Highlight Reel October 23rd-29th, 2010 October 29, 2010

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Saturday- ran some errands today.  Had to cash my check at the bank, get groceries, pick up Papa’s prescription and a blood pressure monitor, and stop and check in to see how he was doing.  I heard Mom & Dad are on their way back.  The bus they had taken to Branson broke down there and it was going to take a while to fix so they had to send another bus from Brainerd to bring them all home!  She should be home early tomorrow evening.  Monica came over for BBQ ribs tonight .  We played some 10 penny and watched a movie.

Sunday-Rainy, icky day.  Did absolutely nothing.  And I mean nothing.

Monday- Went to Papa’s and had lunch with him and Candy. Boy Scouts tonight had a visitor.  A former Boy Scout who had attended Philmont.  He talked to the boys about going to a high adventure base.  It certainly sounds like fun but at $750.00 it might be a little out of our reach.

Tuesday- The weather today was unbelievable.  I have never seen wind like that!  I went into town in the evening for my Adult Faith Formation meeting and even saw a patio umbrella laying on the side of the road.  The ride home was worse because by this time the snow had started and it looked like a blizzard!

Wednesday- Dad picked Zach up to go into town and visit Mom.  Zach hadn’t seen them since they left for Branson and he was missing them!  Mom has been staying at Papa’s house 24/7 to help with his recovery after getting out of the hospital.  Since Zach wasn’t home for supper I decided not to cook so Jeff and I went to TJ’s Log Cabin for supper.

Thursday- Dad stopped by work today and took me out for lunch.  I enjoyed our time together and we were able to have a nice talk.  Bible study tonight on Acts 8 was a great discussion.  I love the group we have this year (although we missed you this week Henry!)  When I got home I was able to watch the last period of the Wild game, which we won by the way!

Friday-Made a supper tonight of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes & gravy,  & broccoli with cheese sauce and then we settled in to watch NCIS reruns (my husband swears he still hasn’t seen them all.  He has a crush on Ziva!)


Highlight Reel October 16th-22nd, 2010 October 23, 2010

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Saturday & Sunday- Backyard Campout (see previous post)

Monday- Boy Scouts tonight made wood duck houses to install up at Wolf Lake this upcoming weekend.

Tuesday- A rare night at home since my Tri-Parish meeting was moved to Thursday night.  I made a low sodium lasagna and we watched the Wild game.

Wednesday-tried a new low sodium side dish-Rice Souffle.  It was disgusting and it took twice as long to bake as it should have.  We missed visiting hours at the hospital so Janeen and I went shopping.  She was the one with the coveted 30% off coupon at Kohl’s this month.  I was able to score a new pair of tennis shoes with my birthday money.

Thursday- Visited Papa in the hospital on my lunch break and Zach and I stopped in again between his physical therapy and my Bible study. Sitting up and more coherent today.

Friday- Went to the hospital on my lunch break to find out they were going to spring Papa today.  Yay!  After work Aunt Candy asked me to sit with him so she could bring Bonnie home and pick up some groceries.  He was really tired and before long was falling asleep.


Kevin’s Eagle Scout Project October 19, 2010

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Kevin G, who’s working towards his Eagle rank, gathered the Scouts together to build a chimney swift tower for nesting.

This is a chimney swift:

This is a tower:


Backyard Campout at my House

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Friday night the fun started at the Simmonds house.  Our Mighty Eagles Boy Scout Patrol met at 5pm and began to set up camp.  Once the tents were up and the campfire stoked we made our traditional first night meal of beans and wienies and chips.  Then we sat around the campfire the rest of the evening.  Our Scoutmaster Dan stopped out with his wife around 8 pm and joined us for smores.

The next morning after a breakfast of pancakes and sausage patties we headed out on a nature hike.  We picked up our staves and walked back to Mud Lake and headed down the trail where we took in the beautiful leaf covered path. Then we looped around the swamp and headed back around to our house. 

The boys then took the saws back into the woods to find some small trees for a couple of pioneering projects we were attempting.  One of the requirements for First Class rank is to make a useful camp object by lashing.  We chose to make a clothesline.  One year when the boys took a canoe trip it rained all afternoon.  They all pulled their canoes into camp soaking wet.  If they had built a clothesline they would have had a better chance of drying their clothes, especially if they had pulled the rack close to the fire.  Zach taught the two younger scouts how to lash and soon Josiah and Austin had the clothesline done.

Thinking that the younger scouts were having too much fun, Andrew and his dad Mark headed into the woods to find some lumber for a cooking tripod.  Soon, however, they were back and one of them was bleeding.  Mark had cut his hand with one of the saws.  After he had washed it out I tried to talk him into going in to get it stitched.  He didn’t think it needed it, bit it looked deep and wide.  When he got back into camp and showed Alvin , Alvin agreed he should probably go in.  So he did.  Fourteen stitches later he was back in time for lunch!

After lunch, Mark and Andrew headed back into the woods for more wood.  Mark was not going to let that tripod get the better of him!  They finally got the tripod done and it looked great!  After that, the boys shot bow for a while and we sat around the campfire until dark and then had supper.  We were really tired so we turned in early.  Mark went home because he had to work the next morning.

Sunday morning I woke the boys up at 6:30am so they would have a chance to eat breakfast before we headed to church.  Once we were back from church the boys took off on another hike in the woods and then they came back for lunch.  After lunch they took a few minutes to woodburn some wooden medallions before we tore down camp.

At 1pm our patrol met up with most of the rest of the Scouts at Central Lakes College to help Kevin with his Eagle Scout project of building a chimney swift house.  As you can see, it was a very busy, but productive weekend.  I am exhausted, but so thankful we have an active patrol that gets along so well.  It’s always fun when the Mighty Eagles get together!


Classic Hats October 17, 2010

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It’s our book club tradition every year to read a classic novel in the month of October.  None of us usually like them, some of us have threatened to change the rules if we are voted queen, but all of us agree they usually make for a great discussion.  This year our classic pick was The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.

To make things a little more interesting this year our current queen decreed we should all wear a hat to the meeting.  Not having one in my closet at home, I took an afternoon after picking Zach up from school to check out a couple of thrift stores.  There were many kinds of hats but very few fit.  I don’t have an overly large head (I don’t think so anyway) but I do have very thick hair.  Every hat I pulled down on my head immediately popped up.  I finally found one that worked (and quite a few that looked quite cute on Zach!)

It was fun watching the women come through the doors one by one, each with a different style of hats. One even added the white gloves.  I think we all looked very classy for our classic read month.  What do you think?


Highlight Reel October 9th-15th, 2010

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Saturday-  Started with the Scouting for Food Bag pick up.  We did pretty good this year.  After our patrol had dropped our carload off at Cub Foods Zach, Andrew, Austin & I ran some errands (shopping downtown, oil change, grocery shopping) and we also got pizza at Little Caesars and took it to the park.  Then in the evening since the weather was still nice Jeff & I went for a walk.

Sunday- After church Jeff and I left Zach at catechism while we went to Mom & Dad’s for a short visit.  When we brought him home we made Breakfast Burritos (yum!) and then Zach and I spent some time raking my parents yard before we spent the rest of the afternoon on the lake.  Zach reeled in a small walleye in only 3 feet of water and then later pulled in a nice sized northern.  Jeff, alas, hooked nothing.

Monday-  Tonight was our planning meeting for Scouts and then they did their physical fitness 1 month follow up.

Tuesday- Book club tonight was a discussion on our annual classic read.  To make things  a little more fun we all wore hats from an earlier time.  We met at T.J.’s log cabin and it was a real hoot to see everybody’s style reflected in the hats they chose!

Wednesday-  Zach had physical therapy tonight and got a lecture about being a non-compliant patient. (He hates doing his exercises and doesn’t think he needs them.  And he admitted to running (gasp!) when his therapist told him not to do things like that.)  I guess mean old mom is going to have to crack down and watch him more!

Thursday- I met mom, dad and papa at the Front Street Cafe for lunch.  It was fun to get together if even for a few minutes. Bible study tonight was on Acts 5.  We had a great discussion with all members there.

Friday- Our Boy Scout Backyard Campout starts tonight!


Celebrating the Weather October 9, 2010

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Wow! Could the weather have been any nicer Friday?   I never did hear what the high temperature reading was (comment on this post and let me know), but my guess would have been about 85 degrees.  In October.  In Minnesota! 

The weather made everybody a little goofy and full of fun. We had a fun night with football, dancing, supper, and games.