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Highlight Reel March 19th-25th, 2011 March 26, 2011

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Saturday-  I had to work a rare Saturday since inventory is Tuesday and they needed everyone’s help getting ready for it.  After work I rushed home to get ready for the Scouts St. Patrick’s Day party at Mark & Kris’ house.

Sunday-  Monica & Gracie joined us for church and then we all went to St. Mathias for the breakfast buffet.

Monday-  Scouts went swimming at the Brainerd Inn tonight.

Tuesday-  Today was inventory at work.  I hope we did as good as we did last year.  We had a bonus book club for the book Cutting for Stone.  Good book and the Ethiopian food was awesome!  The drive home was slow going because while I was at book club the freezing rain and sleet started.

Wednesday-  Snowstorm kept many people at home this morning so work was pretty quiet for a change.  Came home and popped some Cheesy Chicken Bundles in oven for the guys while Dad and I went to mass.  Had planned on going to soup supper there too but it was cancelled.

Thursday-  Due to having to work on Saturday I had today off.  I used the day to get all my coupons cut and organized and got in some reading time!  Loved it!

Friday-  Knowing after I clocked out pf work for today I would be on vacation the day seemed to draaaaaaggggggg.  Got home, showered and got ready to go to Craguns as soon as Jeff got home.  We help every year with the couples registration for the Marriage Encounter Weekend.  If you’ve never done a Marriage Encounter I highly recommend it!  Once the couples were registered and the encounter had begun Jeff and I headed for Rafferty’s and had the Lenten special Seafood Supreme pizza.


What’s the Dealio March 24th, 2011 March 24, 2011

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A rare day off from work during the week allowed me to spend some serious time cutting and organizing my coupons.  When my coupons aren’t organized and ready to go I miss out on so many great deals.  That was not the case today!


You are looking at 60 items that totaled $100 worth of merchandise that I got for $8.96 after coupons!  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself!


Unsolved Crimes Review March 22, 2011

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      I have always been intrigued by true crime books.  The workings of the human mind and how some people just snap and murder loved ones is terrifying.  This is one of the new books we received at the library and I thought I would check it out since it’s been a while since I read anything true crime related.  Check out my review at my book blog By Book or By Crook.


Bonus Book Club Review #2

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The second book that Sheila picked for our bonus book club read (and hopefully to be featured in a national cookbook) was Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.  The majority of the story was set in Ethiopia so the bookies that attended decided to try their hand at authentic (or as close as possible with common ingredients) cooking.  I hadn’t planned on attending this review since I had a meeting for church, but when that was cancelled I decided to throw something together at the last minute and show up.

     Sheila made doro wot which was chicken and a bunch of spices and it was awesome!  Susan made chicken curry which was also really good.  Brenda and I both made Iab, just different versions of it.  Sheila also had some fried dessert/bread squares sprinkled with sugar.  Everything was very tasty and I loved the doro wot so much I am going to introduce my family to this Ethiopian dish as soon as I can wrangle the recipe out of Sheila. 

The book itself was very good although a little on the long side.  I picked it up from the library the week before and at 657 pages I had to set a page goal of 119 pages a day to get through it.  The first day I read 95 pages, the second another 97.  I was getting further and further behind but I was determined to complete it before the review.  And I did!  Literally minutes before the review!  The bookies present that had finished the book rated it 4/5 stars.

Sheila's Doro Wot


Somebody Else’s Daughter March 21, 2011

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            Just finished reading Somebody Else’s Daughter and was a little uncomfortable with some of the content.  Nevertheless, I plodded through and you can find my review at my book blog By Book or By Crook.


Mighty Eagles annual “Wearin’ 0′ the Green” March 20, 2011

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Saturday night the Mighty Eagles Patrol had their annual St. Patrick’s Day Party.  We met at 5pm and each brought  a green dish to share.  Although everything looked disgusting and moldy it was actually very good.  We feasted on grilled steaks, cheesy potatoes, spaghetti salad, green bean casserole, snicker salad and green slushies.

After supper the boys played Mountain Dew pong and then everybody gathered together for a lively game of Sh*t Bucket in which the Boy Scouts challenged the adults.  And who was the victor?  Unfortunately, the boys won all three rounds!

To cap off the evening we enjoyed cake and more slushies using the glow straws Zach had brought with.  It was a fun evening for all!


Highlight Reel March 12th-March 18th, 2011

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Saturday- Zach & I went to the library sale.  I definitely did not need any more books but I had a request waiting for me at the library and it was the last day of the book sale.  You could buy a whole paper grocery bag full of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. for only $2.00!  I restrained myself and did not fill the bag.  I walked out with 11 books and Zach brought home 6.  Then, we went and visited Papa and Mom.  I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to catch up on my reading and almost  finished Five Quarters of the Orange.


Sunday-  Monica met us at the house this morning at 7:30am and went to church with us.  After church the Knights of Columbus were holding their annual Pancake Breakfast,  Jeff and Zach helped do the cooking and it was yummy!  In the afternoon Tyler & Monica took a 5 hour class on conceal to carry for their handguns.  I made mini chimichangas and spanish rice for supper and  called to invite Dad for supper but he was in town having pizza with mom.

Monday- Zach and I spent the afternoon before scouts trying to get more pictures for his photo collage on Brainerd tourism for his Citizenship in the Community merit badge.  Last summer we spent a whole day taking pics for summer tourism and today he took the winter pictures.  Of course we waited until the weather was nice and warm to do this (meaning winter is almost over) and had a hard time finding good things to take pictures of.  For instance, the fish houses are all off the lakes, the ice sculptures have melted, and no one is out snowmobiling anymore.  Regardless,  I think we got enough to do the trick.

Tuesday-  With a huge stack of library books with overdue dates very near looming in the background, I dedicated myself to finishing the book I was reading so I could start the next one.  Mission accomplished.  I have this habit of seeing newly released books in bookstores and going to the library to reserve them.  Inevitably, they all seem to come in at the same time.  I currently have 11 books sitting on my end table that are all due within the next 3 weeks.  Add to that the one book a month I have promised to read from my own bookshelf for Project 52 and the book I have bought as part of my Lenten reading schedule and you will come to the conclusion I have some serious reading to do.

Wednesday-  Jeff’s day off and Zach is on Spring Break so while I toiled laboriously at work they went fishing.  When I called them at lunchtime they were grumbling they were catching nothing and blaming each other for picking a bad spot for fishing.  Just a few hours later they had limited out with some pretty big sunnies and were home to clean them.  This means I don’t have to buy fish sticks for our Lenten meal this Friday!

Thursday-  Started my bonus book club book.  If I had realized it was 600 pages long I would have started it sooner.  In order to get it done in time for the review I have to read 119 pages a day!  Yikes- daunting!

Friday-  Enjoyed our beer battered fish tonight with Monkey Bread for dessert.  Not looking forward to working tomorrow!