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Planes, Cranes, and Automobiles August 31, 2008

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This evening we visited a different lake then the usual one we go to. Instead of fishing, we were just going to ride around and let the boys go swimming. Our oldest son Tyler spent a rare night at home and we convinced him to go with us. For some reason he’s under the impression that we never do anything and life is so much more exciting any place else but home. We circled around and tried for several minutes to get a decent picture of the crane wading along the shore, in flight and in the tree top but the lag time on my old digital camera was just too slow. We got really close to the loon but it was getting too dark for my camera to get a good shot. (Hint to Santa: I really need a new digital camera!)
When the police plane flew overhead we teased Tyler that the cops are watching him wherever he goes. I would venture to say that he had a good time because he spent most of the evening at the bow of the boat laughing uncontrollably. As we headed back to the landing after dark I reminded him of all the beautiful wildlife we had seen tonight. “Yeah mom, we saw planes, cranes and automobiles!” he replied which caused ME to laugh uncontrollably. It fills my heart with joy to have all my family together just enjoying each other’s company. Although later it emptied my pocket book when I had to spring for Dairy Queen treats!


Highlight Reel August 30th-Sept 5th

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Saturday- Spent 10 hours at Wal-Mart doing a brat sale to raise money for Boy Scouts. Many men stopped to tell us they were Eagle Scouts and what a difference scouting made in their life. many of these didn’t want lunch they just stopped to put money in our donation jar. Afterwards we stopped for a few minutes at Kris & Marks house to see their baby who has grown a lot in the 2 months since I seen him last, then we went mini golfing until dark.  (It’s my brother’s birthday today-Happy Birthday Mike!  I love you!)

Sunday- Went to church then had a quiet afternoon until my oldest son got off work. After supper we went for a boat ride, the boys did some sumo swimming (you had to have been there) and we went out for ice cream afterwards.

Monday- Labor Day! We went to Crow Wing State Park and did some fishing. Jeff caught a nice small mouth bass and Zach caught a few smaller ones too. We grilled brats and corn on the cob and played some football with Tyler and his girlfriend Monica. Even her daughter Gracie got in on it. The weather was amazing!

Tuesday- Went to my mom & dad’s for the traditional first day of school supper.

Wednesday- My cousin Janeen and I finally found a day when we could walk together. It’s been weeks! After our walk I went to a Tupperware party. How long has it been since anyone you knew had one of these? Interesting that they have moved on from just storage containers and now have reed diffusers, kitchen towels, tea and seasoning mixes.

Thursday-  Feeling a bit under the weather today.  Took a long nap while Jeff & Zach watched the NFL opener.  I’m counting the days until hockey starts!  Football’s not really my thing.  Too slow moving…

Friday-  Janeen and I walked again tonight.  I taught Zach how to cook beef-stuffed potatoes.  I love to eat and Zach loves to cook.  He offers to help quite often.  It’s a very good thing for men to learn.  For the recipe click on Favorite Recipes tab at top of this page.


Last Summer Fling

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Not quite willing to give summer up so easily, my family and I are going to whoop it up and have some fun this weekend. I don’t really know what we are going to do, nor is the planning piece of it so critical. The important thing is that we are doing it together. Soon our schedules will have 1 of us going this way and one of us going that, so before that happens we will turn up our noses at the calendar and have one last hurrah. And if I pass you in the street and see you with your nose up in the air as well I will salute you. Happy (unofficial) last weekend of summer!


Highlight Reel August 23rd-29th August 28, 2008

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Saturday- Jeff, Zach and I went to the Conservation and Wildlife Expo in Wadena. We saw animals from the Minnesota Zoo (who know opossums were so big!) and toured the buildings learning about the new hunting products out and spent some time learning about being a conservation officer (which is what Zach wants to do).

Sunday- I spent a quiet time at home catching up on my reading while the others went fishing. I started (and finished!) our book club read for September.

Monday- After a week of relaxation it was back to the old grind. Then after work Zach and I attended our Boy Scout annual planning meeting. Some fun stuff coming up this fall…

Tuesday- Made it to the school’s orientation night only to find hardly any space left to park. Maybe they should think about splitting up the grades to 2 nights instead of one?

Wednesday- Attended my Grandma’s 81st birthday celebration. My mom cooked a great meal of BBQ ribs, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and fresh veggies from the garden. How come nobody’s food ever tastes as good as your mom’s?

Thursday- Finished up shopping for school clothes for Zach tonight after work. Can you spell procrastination?

Friday- Zach and I went to my mom and dad’s to visit and play cards (I won!)


Scarlet Sumac Season

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I was walking in my backyard the other night when I noticed something that made me realize even though the calendar hadn’t hit the official day, we had moved into fall. The sumacs edging the forest of my backyard had started to turn red. With the clothing change will come shorter evenings, cooler mornings, traffic slowing, school starting, geese flying south kind of changes that make me wonder how I could have so easily let summer slip through my fingers.


Highlight Reel August 16th-22nd August 18, 2008

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Saturday- Went to Wal-Mart to set up for Boy Scout brat sale fundraiser, found out we were double booked so ended up calling Gander Mountain to beg for a spot to set up there. They graciously gave us a spot. So we had to tear down there and set back up down the road. Went home to go to church at the state park and went back in to close up the brat stand.

Sunday- Spent all day washing clothes, packing for camping and singing “Anticipation” (see previous post).

Monday- left to go camping. We were packed and at the campsite by 10am. We set up camp and spent the majority of the day sitting by the lake enjoying the cool breeze off the lake. In the evening we went swimming for a while.

Tuesday- Made an early trip into town to replace the meat the durn raccoons ate from our cooler. I have never seen the raccoons lift the latch (and it fits tight!) and get into the cooler before. And I have been camping for over 30 years! Made stuffed porkchops in the dutch oven for my parents who spent the day at the campsite with us.

Wednesday- More of the lakeside, enjoying the breeze kind of day. My oldest son, his girlfriend and her baby visited us at the campground. The kids did some fishing and swimming and we had smores that evening. Gotta have the smores!

Thursday- Packed up and went home. Wish I could say there’s no place like home, but I enjoy the tent life too much to say that! Thursday night we went out “fishin’ in the dark” and I was having a great time until I took my eyes off the water and looked up and seen how many bats were swooping at the mosquitos just above my head. Bats scare the (bleep) out of me!

Friday- Went to my church’s George Tautges Memorial Fundraiser. This is where I won the boat, motor and trailer 2 years ago. While I didn’t win anything this year it is still a fun evening of fantastic roast pork (my dad cooks it!), chatting with friends and relatives, and listening to the band.



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Are you singing the song from the ketchup ad? I knew you would be. I have been singing it all weekend, but my thoughts have not been on puddles of tomatoey goo or dipping french fries. I have been anticipating my long overdue vacation. My last three vacations have been working vacations (you know how it is-yard work to do, graduation parties to plan), but this one is purely for relaxation. We are going camping. I love to camp. There is nothing quite as peaceful as sitting around a campfire until the embers slowly turn from red hot to blinking orange. Or looking up through the skylights in your tent at the stars at night and the morning dawn. Even though I swear there is even more cooking and cleaning when camping (no McDonalds drive through) it doesn’t seem to be the drudgerous chore that it is at home.
Packed and ready to go, I shall be stress free (after the tent is set up!) by roughly 10am tomorrow.
Hope your week is as serene as mine will be. Happy trails to you!