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Highlight Reel June 2nd-8th, 2012 June 9, 2012

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Kind of a slow week, which this time of year is okay!

Saturday- Last night we went to check out the river since it was predicted to crest.  And crest it did.  Places where Zach stood on the banks of the river to fish were now 5 feet or more under water and at the Crow Wing State Park the Oxcart Trail was completely under water.  

Zach thought it was fun to walk it in water up to his knees.  Today it rained again so we decided to go to mom’s in the morning and play cards.  Then Zach worked that evening.

Sunday- It was a sunny day!  When the sun shines after rain for days on end you get your outside work done when the sun finally peeks out.  Zach and Jeff had done the “double sneak” and both left early in the morning to go fishing.  Monica and Gracie met me at church and then came back for a breakfast of french toast and sausage.  Then we went to Little Falls and I picked up some new cushions for the patio chairs.  We came back home and Gracie helped me weed the flowers (pull the flowers?), pot a plant and then she tired of the work and started to play.  Monica and I pulled the rest of the weeds, painted the fire pits, put up the new tiki torches, swept the patio and other odds and ends to finally get the backyard summer ready.

Monday- Zach went swimming at the pits while the rest of us worked.

Tuesday & Wednesday- Nothing extraordinary.  Nice, quiet relax with supper on the patio nights.  

Thursday- My other job called, they had a cancellation and needed my help with a job at the last-minute so I finished putting together the casserole I was making for supper, went in and did the job, called Jeff to put the casserole in the oven and came home and ate brats from the grill and tator tot hotdish.  

Friday-  Gracie comes to spend the night.  It was hot so we set up the sprinkler and she had fun running through the cold water.  Then she watched Dora and hit the sack …late.  She plum wore me out!