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Church Bazaar June 30, 2009

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Sunday we went to our church bazaar.  The bazaar is something I looked forward to every year as a child.  It was always a huge event in our community.  I remember going home with lots of prizes from playing all the games and I remember plenty of smiles and laughter from the other parishioners.  Then for several years we did not have one.  I don’t know why.  Whether it was too much work or the money coming in wasn’t worth the effort I’m really not sure.  But 4 or 5 years ago we decided to give it a try again.  The problem was that a lot of people who used to organize it were no longer with us or couldn’t quite remember how everything went.

So, starting again meant starting from scratch.  I think we’ve come a long way in the last few years to get the bazaar back to the old fashioned bazaars we used to have and they are starting to become very successful.  This year we had another huge meal of ham and chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, green beans, corn, fresh vegetable bar, dinner roll, beverages and dessert for only $8.00.  For those that did not want the big meal there was a stand outside with fresh grilled hamburgers, brats, hotdogs, beer and pop and pulltabs.

We had a tent set up for bingo with cash prizes all afternoon as well as a game called Hi-Low.  There was a country store set up, a silent auction and there were fresh picked strawberries and home grown plants for sale.  There were many traditional kids games like the fishing pond, duck pond, lollipop pull, milk bottle toss, ring toss, dart toss, football toss, kids country store, plinko and soak the student.  There was also a pile of sawdust for the kids to rummage through to find packages of wrapped candy.  And of course there was a raffle with a top prize of $500.00 cash.

There was so much work put in by so many people.  It is really a total church effort.  It is really fun to see young and old come together for a truly multigenerational afternoon.  I met some really fun people under the bingo tent, and while I didn’t win (they did)  I had just as much fun as they did.

My husband though probably had the best time of all.  He was one of the big winners of the day.  He proudly went home with a new 270 Marlin rifle. 

It really doesn’t matter what church you go to or what your religion is.  If you’re looking for a good family activity keep the 4th Sunday in June open on your calendar and join us for our next church bazaar!

He's a happy man now!

He's a happy man now!


Highlight Reel June 20th-26th, 2009 June 28, 2009

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Saturday- went to my nephew Steve’s graduation party and had a great time with the family again.  The meal at the grad party was a pig roast and who doesn’t love a pig roast? (except maybe PETA)

Sunday- Happy Father’s Day all.  We celebrated Father’s Day at my house this year with a little picnic supper.

Monday-spent some time in the sun and watered my plants, in the evening I sat on the deck and read until the mosquitos carried me away

Tuesday- waited in line for autographs from a few of the Minnesota Wild players that were visiting Brainerd today.  It was fun!  Watched Confessions of a Shopoholic.  Not impressed.

Wednesday- Jeff took me to St Cloud to the Olive Garden for supper to celebrate our anniversary.  Zach and Tyler went with us and we had a wonderful meal and a great time.  Our anniversary is actually tomorrow but Jeff has to work late so we celebrated tonight.

Thursday- Today Jeff and I have been married 21 years.  That makes me sound so old!  Inside I still feel like I’m just a youngster but my body is telling a totally different story!  We are honored to share this day with my parents whose legacy of love has taught us a good example of what a marraige is all about.  The  give and the take, the way you enjoy the good times and work through the bad, and the committment EVERY day that a marraige takes.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

*on a side note- Michael Jackson’s death today was a complete shock and I am sitting in front of the TV watching the reports still stunned.  I grew up watching Michael Jackson videos on MTV and he was so much a part of the music that defined my teenage years.  He was a very talented man and although I do not like what he became as he grew older I hope nobody forgets the impact he’s had on the music industry and what an incredible genius he was.

Friday- Came home tonight and mowed the lawn, did up some dishes and some laundry and got into relaxation mode for the weekend.


A WILD Day! June 25, 2009

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Today I woke up earlier then usual to get ready for work.  I had to get Zachary to the church to catch the bus to Valleyfair.  But that is not what made it a wild day.

The drive in was scary- the fog was really thick.  But that is not what made it a wild day.

The humidity was stifling- it was hard to breath in the clotted air.  But that is not what made it a wild day.

The heavily hanging dark storm clouds rolled in and dumped rain on the city.  But that is not what made it a wild day.

At 3pm I punched out and traipsed  to my car.  I was on a mission.  I had somewhere important to go.  From the Wal-Mart parking lot I turned right onto Glory Road, then left onto 371 North, then right onto Washington Street.  I was heading to the civic center- and yes- this is where it got WILD!

I entered the civic center and it wasn’t only the cooler temperature inside that caused shivers to go up and down my spine.  I was here for the Minnesota Wild Road Tour.  Derek “The Boogeyman” Boogard and John Scott were going to be here signing autographs.  Being the huge Wild fan that I am (okay, I may be a little obsessed) there was no way I was going to miss out on getting my Wild jersey signed by one of my favorite left wingers.

Monica and Gracie met me there and we spent an hour and a half in line.  I’m not usually one who can stand waiting for anything, but this was an exception.  We watched the girls hockey team practice, the vendors selling hotdogs up and down the stairs, and the people in line squeeze nearer together as it got closer to 4pm.  When the hockey stars finally walked into the room it was a thrill for all.  Boogard is 6′ 7″ so he was easy to see over the top of everyone’s head as he swaggered in. 

The line started to move and we crept closer to the table.  I got out my camera and snapped a few pics as we got closer.  I DID get my jersey signed, I got some autographed pictures, talked to the players and the the Minnesota Wild announcers and left a happier woman.

And that is what made it a WILD day!


Father’s Day 2009 June 22, 2009

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The day started out sunny and warm so I invited Mom and Dad and Papa and Nana out for supper.  Since it was just a last minute thing I explained it would just be something simple like a wiener roast on the back patio.  I ran to town to get wieners and the fixings and when I got out of the store it was really overcast.  I nervously called Zachary and asked him to bring all the patio chairs up to the covered deck just in case it started to rain before I got home.  It’s a good thing I did because about 2 minutes later it started to sprinkle, and then the sprinkle turned into a nice steady rain.

Thankfully, we have a covered deck so the afternoon wasn’t a complete bust.  We had a lovely time outside.  We didn’t get to roast the wieners (I put them on the grill), but we enjoyed them anyway along with the cheesy potatoes, baked beans, deviled eggs, vegetables from my parent’s garden and homemade lemonade.  For dessert my mom had made some homemade rhubarb sauce that we served over ice cream and I made some toffee blondies.

Zach shot off some fireworks in between downpours and when the rain slowed down enough they huddled under their umbrellas and  headed to their vehicles to go home. 

Thanks Dad for always being there for me and believing in me.  Thanks Jeff for being a wonderful, involved father to our two children and Happy Father’s Day to my brother Mike,  I wish you could have been here with us!



Congratulations on your Graduation Steve!

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Highlight Reel June 13th-19th, 2009 June 20, 2009

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Saturday-  Zach and I met up with mom and dad at the Crow Wing Power Customer Appreciation day.  After that Zach and I continued north and went to Nisswa for Nisswa-Stammen.  Later in the afternoon after church Zach, Jeff and I went out for supper at the Chap.

Sunday- Spent the afternoon at Judy and Byron’s for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday party.

Monday-  Jeff is on vacation so him and the boys went out fishing this morning.  They didn’t do so well.  Maybe they will have better luck Tuesday.  Tonight I became an accomplice in a crime- breaking and entering.  My cousin Janeen called to see if I would help her break in to our friend’s house.  She had a key but it was not working.  One of the guests in the home this past weekend is flying back to Norway Tuesday and could not find her passport or plane tickets!  We finally got in but could not find the paperwork anywhere.

Tuesday-Rained all day.  It was so nice to see puddles in the yard.  We still need a lot more, but this helps.

Wednesday-I spent the afternoon at work setting up the conference room for a training meeting tomorrow.  We will be watching Blu-ray movies, and playing with an iPod Touch and A Wii with the Balance Board.  Should be a lot of fun.  When I got home I did dishes, vaccuumed, washed clothes and mowed the lawn before I threw some burgers on the grill.  Spent the rest of the evening on the computer finishing up my Powerpoint presentation for tomorrow.

Thursday-  Had a training meeting for my department.  Believe me when I say it’s really hard to get paid for watching a movie, playing the Wii, merging pictures on a Nintendo DSi, and other fun technogeek things.  It IS hard!  Really!!

Friday-  Went for a boat ride tonight.  We cruised slowly around the lake just taking in the scenery.  We fished a little and then we stopped on the sand bar at the point and did some swimming.  The water felt great and Zach had a ball splashing around.  When we came home we indulged in some rootbeer (for the guys) and strawberry (for me) floats.  Great end to the week!


80 Years Ago Today June 16, 2009

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Eighty years ago the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Charles Lindberg left on his 3,500 mile flight and Popeye made his debut.  The Academy Awards started (Wings was the best picture)  and in 1929 7-up was invented.  This same year  Penicillin was discovered and the first car radio by Motorola came into existence.  A gallon of milk cost .25 cents, bread was .10 cents a loaf, eggs were .59 cents a dozen, and potatoes were .36 cents a pound.

AND 80 years ago today my mother-in-law was born.

Today was Jeanette’s 80th birthday celebration and it was a great day for a birthday!  Her daughters organized a little family get together at Judy’s house on the lake.  The sun was ridiculously warm and the water was beckoning.  Kristi made some slushes and her and I put some weiners on the FLAMEmaster (right, Kristi?) to go along with the subs they had ordered from the deli.  Everybody brought salads to complete the lunch.

After lunch Byron took a group out for a pontoon ride and Zach and his cousins swam, canoed and paddled in the lake. Us older folks found a comfy spot in the shade and caught up on each other’s lives.  When the pontooners got back we sang Happy Un-Birthday to Mom (because she wants to go backwards in age now not forward), she opened her presents and we had cake.

Why don’t we do this more often I wondered on the ride home?  Is it because we are all so busy?  Probably.  But shouldn’t we make time for family?  Absolutely!  All in all it was a very relaxing afternoon.  It was definitely a great day for a birthday!