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Highlight Reel February 20th-26th, 2012 February 26, 2012

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Monday-We had a surprise at the Boy Scout meeting tonight.  The Webelos showed up and we had them on our schedule for next week so we had absolutely nothing planned for them to do.  Whoops!  Oh well, they got to see how a regular meeting works rather than just the fun outings they are used to.

Tuesday-Book Club tonight was great.  Italian food and wine.  Need I say more?

Wednesday-  Ash Wednesday, the start of lent.  Went to church in the evening after a gourmet meal of fish sticks and Velveeta Shells & Cheese.  I do get more creative as lent goes on, the first meatless day kind of catches me off guard.

Thursday-  Zach worked and Jeff and I watched the Wild game.  I celebrated their shootout win while Jeff snored in tune with the goal horn.

Friday-  The Patrol activity we planned weeks ago had a last-minute change of plan.  See previous post for details.

Saturday- Check the Injury Report

Sunday-  Trip by bus to Duluth was cancelled due to the storm moving in.  Monica and I were supposed to go to the Cathedral there for her Rite of Election as a confirmand, and since I am her sponsor I was to accompany her.  Instead I took a nap and then watched the Wild beat the San Jose Sharks 4-3 in regulation!  Go Wild!


Injury Report

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My cousin Janeen called the other day and upon hearing my harried voice asked “are you busy?”  I answered, “Well right now I’m in the middle of making lunch for my Boy Scout Patrol and trying to clean blood out of the living room carpet.”  To which she replied, “What did Zach do now?”

Yep!  Anyone who knows my youngest kid will realize how apt that statement was.  And she was right, the blood belonged to Zach.  But in all fairness, this time it wasn’t his blatant disregard for human life that caused the bloodshed.  No, it was his father.

Jeff had purchased a 4 lb. iron splitting wedge for Zach and thought he’d surprise him by sticking it in the pocket of his overalls while they were standing by the kitchen counter.  What he did not realize, however, was that there was no bottom to the pocket.  The wedge crashed, pointed side down and punctured his foot.

This happened at 10:30 am on Saturday morning and it was still oozing blood when he went to bed that night.  We talked about bringing him in to the ER, but the skin around the gaping hole was gone so there was nothing to stitch together.  We suspected he had broken a toe but the only thing the doctor can do for that is tape his toes together.  And Zach, understandably, wants little to do with doctors.

Bad parents that we are, we let him call in to work, hobble his way to the couch, put an ice pack on it to keep the swelling down and periodically change his dressing when the blood soaked through.

One day later, he’s doing well.  He’s a tough kid.  When I told him that he said “yeah, I’m used to pain.”  Unfortunately, that’s the truth of the matter.



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Last Tuesday our book club The Bookies met for our February review of Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani.  The book was about an Italian family that makes custom wedding shoes and was set in both Greenwich Village and Italy.  To add a little pizzazz to our reviews we always try to theme our potlucks around the book/foods in the book.  Well let me just say, our book club and especially our hostess outdid herself!  The Italian food was magnifico!

Our hostess Brenda made Chicken Manicotti Alfredo, Beef and Cheese Manicotti, Bruschetta with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes as well as dipping sauces (pesto, olive oil and roasted garlic) for the italian bread, Italian Ice and 3 kinds of wine!  Others brought risotto,  ravioli, crackers, cobbler, Harvey Wallbangers, dip and more.  Yummy!

The book was good rating an average of 4/5 stars from the group but the real showstopper was obviously the food!


Highlight Reel February 13th-19th, 2012 February 25, 2012

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Monday- Took an extra day off because of my pinkeye, but did go to Scouts that night because by that time I had been on antibiotics and eye drops for 24 hours.

Tuesday- We spent our Valentine’s Day watching Gracie.  Normally I make a sumptuous surf and turf meal but I decided to hold off until Wednesday when Zach would be home to enjoy it with us.   You didn’t hear it from me but Zach bought flowers for a girl at school!  🙂

Wednesday-  We had our annual IEP meeting at the school with Zach’s case manager.  His teachers say he is doing well and they are going to try giving him a little bit more responsibility with his school work.  I think he’ll do a great job.  After the meeting we went home where Jeff noticed he was having problems with the drive idler on his truck so he ran into town to get parts for that while I started supper.  We had crab legs, steaks with a parmesan crab sauce (my favorite!), baked potatoes, salad, and strawberry angel dessert.  After supper, Zach took off for confirmation class and Mom & Dad came over to our house.  When Zach returned we celebrated Mom’s birthday with carrot cake and ice cream.

Thursday- Watched the Minnesota Wild take on the Winnipeg Jets.  While we ended up losing, it was one heck of a fun game to watch!

Friday-  Zach stayed in town after school to hang out with some friends and go out for supper at Buffalo Wild Wings.  In the evening, Tyler, Monica and Gracie came over and everybody watched Breaking Dawn.  I love the Twilight Saga and this one for some reason had me bawling from the get go.  I don’t understand why I cried through the whole thing, but I did.

Saturday-  Zach helped cut wood for a former Scout leader and then loaded up some wood to bring to his Grandma Simmonds.  From there he left for work and when he came home he was one pooped poppet.  Jeff and I played a game of rummy after supper where he barely beat me but that didn’t stop him from gloating.  🙂

Sunday- Monica and Gracie came to church with us, we came home and made Fat Morning sandwiches for breakfast.  The rest of the day was quiet and relaxing!  🙂


Such a Good Boy February 18, 2012

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I hear it often and I’m not above bragging a little bit.  I’ve been told often I have good boys.  I’ve heard for years how polite, helpful and well-mannered they are.  Seeing their slightly naughty side when they were younger, I was skeptical.  As they’ve grown older I can sit back with a somewhat less critical eye and see the fine young men they’ve become.

Tyler is good with money.  He’s had to be.  We’ve never been in a financial position to dish it out and pay for everything for him.  When he got a job he became responsible for his own expenses.  His part of the cell phone bill, his car insurance, his gas money.  Right now he’s making stressful decisions about buying a house.  He’s taking his time, inspecting things thoroughly and making sound decisions.

Zach is a hard worker.  He wanted a chainsaw for Christmas (what 16-year-old kid asks for a chainsaw?) so he could cut wood and earn a little extra money.  He has spent days cutting wood, loading it up, splitting it by hand and stacking it.  His goal is to get about 5 cords or so piled up and then advertise to sell it.  He’s been telling everyone he’s selling wood and asking them if they need any.  One of the men he asked desperately needed wood but couldn’t afford to buy any.  Zach spent 4 hours of his time helping this man load, cut, and pile wood…for free.   Then today, he loaded up some of his wood he’s been trying to sell and brings it over to his grandma’s.  And while at this rate he’ll never be flush with cash, he is rich in other ways.

So if I tend to boast a little, humor me, it’s well deserved!


Happy Birthday Mom! February 15, 2012

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Today is my Mom’s XXth birthday (and no, that’s not in Roman Numerals!)  I’ll let her keep some secrets so I won’t tell you her age, but let’s just say she’s old enough to know better and still too young to care!

Mom & Dad came over  tonight and we played a game of 35 (which I won) and a game of Pass the Ace (which Zach won.)  Then we had carrot cake and ice cream for dessert.

Even though it was a low-key day hopefully it was a good one for her because she deserves it.  She’s always there for me and my kids for anything we need.  She spoils us all rotten even when she’s not feeling the best or her knees are hurting and her back is aching.  She’s a very special woman and I love her with all my heart.




Highlight Reel February 6th-12th, 2012 February 12, 2012

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Wednesday-Snapping  out of it a little.  I went to town to pick Zach up from his early out day, dropped off some books at the library, picked up some more and came home.  Not much energy after days of being ill.  It’s a good thing I was on vacation this week!

Thursday- Started cleaning the house in little bursts. Still not much oomph.

Friday- feeling better finally.  Finished cleaning the house and prepping the food for tomorrow’s brunch.  Called my mother-in-law and had a nice chat with her.  I don’t call her nearly as often as I should.  I’m going to try to remedy that this year.

Saturday- Had my MegaRed houseparty at 10am this morning (see previous post)  Everyone kept commenting about the redness of my eye and wondered if I had pinkeye.  I normally get a lot of infections in my eyes, probably because I don’t change my contacts as often as I should so I honestly didn’t hink it was pinkeye.  But later that afternoon (after a short nap) I woke up with an oozing matted eye.  Great!  Just what I needed!

Sunday-made an appointment to see the doctor to get my eye checked out.  Sure enough it was pinkeye.  He gave me some eye drops and an antibiotic for my sinus infection so hopefully I will be good as new in no time!