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Highlight Reel April 17th-23rd, 2010 April 23, 2010

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Saturday- Our Mighty Eagles Patrol met again at the Paul Buntan trail for a 25 mile bike ride.  We started at 9am and were done by 12:30.  We visited with my parents in the afternoon, went to church and Zach and I played games in the evening until he fell asleep right in the middle of one!  I kept waiting for his answer.  I thought “boy, he’s really thinking on this one!”  Then I realized he had fallen asleep!

Sunday- Jeff and Zach went fishing and I laid out on the patio and read.  We started a fire in the outdoor fireplace, roasted wieners and had goulash for supper, played a game of 35 (which Jeff won) and a game of Pass the Ace (which I won.)  Zach went to Brett’s for a while and I sat by the fire reading until dark.

Monday- I went on a nature hike with the Boy scouts tonight.  We walked around Kiwanis Park, the river and the lake.  We saw a blue heron, a mallard, a dead muskrat and a dead carp, and many other animals. plants and trees.  And thanks to Bob, I am getting better at identifying trees!

Tuesday- I had Tri Parish Pastoral Council meeting tonight.  Marvin and I carpooled and we had a very productive meeting.  It was time for the annual election of officers.  They nominated me for President- I declined, then they nominated me for vice President- I again declined, when they nominated me for secretary I figured I could handle that one so I am the secretary for the next year.

Wednesday- I met Eric at St Andrews church tonight where we went through Confirmation practice (I’m his sponsor).

Thursday-   Spent the day in St Cloud looking for a thrift store formal for our Bookie queen coronation.  Came home empty handed.  The only one I found in my size was $49.99!  For a used dress I will wear for less then 2 hours?  I don’t think so!  I had  my last Bible study for the 2009-2010 year.  I came with cheesecake, Carrie came with brownies, it was a great last session.  We are going to miss it over the summer and every single one of them have already signed up for my next study Adventures in Acts- a 20 week study that starts next September.  We are all going to try to bring 1 additional person with us next year.  We want to grow!

Friday- Another day off.  I went to town early this morning and cashed Jeff’s check and came home and Janeen, Monica, Gracie and I went for a walk.  Monica & Gracie and Tyler had lunch with me.  We were all going to go for a bike ride after lunch but Tyler woke up with foot inflammation and pain so we are going to wait for next week to do this together.  When Zach got off the bus, he ate lunch and finished packing for his camping trip to Huntersville.  I dropped him off with the scouts at 6pm and was to the church by 6:30 for my 2nd of 4 Adult Faith Formation training sessions.  Kind of a busy day.


Spoiled by a Beautiful Spring! April 20, 2010

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Normally, I hate Spring.  Most of you know my feelings about the dirty snow melt and the muddy, mucky mess it creates.  That was not the case this year.  The rain melted the snow quickly and the wind dried everything out just as fast.  Since then we have been experiencing warmer than normal temperatures to the point where it feels more like the beginning of summer rather than the middle of Spring.  It is making me a little nervous about what we might have still coming.  It can’t stay this nice straight on through can it?

Last year when we went camping in the middle of May we experienced snow and sleet!  What will we get when we take our May camping trip this year?

But today was a beautiful day and our family took advantage of it.  Zach and Jeff spent the afternoon fishing at a couple of bridges and Three Culverts.  The dock isn’t in at the Crow Wing Lake landing yet or they would have taken the boat out.  While they were fishing I put on shorts and a tank and grabbed my book and laid on the chaise on my patio for a couple of hours.  When they made it back we started the fire and I made goulash and we roasted wieners.  The first wiener over a fire for the season and it tasted soo good! Nothing like that smoky flavor!

It was so nice we stayed out for a while longer and played cards by the campfire.  During the summer months Zach and I spend almost every evening on the patio by the fire & playing cards.  I had forgotten how much I missed it over the winter.  I’m so happy we were able to start “patio season” earlier this year.  My husband fought putting the patio in.  He never thought we’d use it.  Boy was he wrong! (again!)


25 Miler

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Continuing on with the Cycling merit badge, Zach and I met the others from our patrol at the head of the Paul Bunyan Trail again to attempt the 25 mile ride.  I say attempt, because even though I made it through the 15 mile relatively easily I didn’t think 25 miles was in the cards.

We started at 9am.  The weather was a tad cool but we didn’t want to wear sweatshirts because we didn’t want to deal with them once it warmed up.  We stopped in Merrifield again for our first break and Zach bought a Rock Star.  Not a good drink for a hyper kid like him to drink, trust me.  Later he was literally bouncing up and down!

From Merrifield we traveled to the 12.5 mile point, turned around and headed back.  At the end of the trail Alvin greeted us with sandwich makings, chips,  Little Debbie desserts, and Gatorade.  He’s always very generous and knows just what the boys like.  Thank you Alvin!

Now that we are “conditioned” (cough, cough) the next 25  mile ride should be a piece of cake!


Highlight Reel April 10th-16th, 2010 April 18, 2010

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Saturday- Went on a bike ride with the Boy Scouts.  We started at the Paul Bunyan trailhead at the arb and traveled 16 miles to Nisswa where we treated ourselves to a Dairy Queen.  For supper we had cheeseburgers on the grill.  A just about perfect day!

Sunday- Quiet relaxing day.  After church and catechism we came home and I made sausage and waffles for breakfast and we got to sample my friend Alvin’s homemade maple syrup.  Yum!  That evening we went to mom’s and played cards.

Monday- The Boy Scouts met at a former scout leader’s home.  Don passed away last summer from cancer.  Because we appreciated all Don did for our Troop we did a little Spring yard clean up for his widow.  We had a lot of help so the whole yard got raked, hauled, tilled, & gutters cleaned in about an hour.  Then, with our spare time we went back to the church and cleaned up a little too.

Tuesday- Book club was fun tonight.  We reviewed the book Little Bee by Chris Cleeve.  We potlucked it at Amy’s house.  At the Bookies meeting before this one we had shared lists of things we wanted to do before we died.  A few of the crazy women said they wanted to learn to dance like strippers so one of the Bookies brought a stripper pole to the meeting tonight!  We ended up not putting it up because we didn’t want to wreck Amy’s ceilings, but we got a good chuckle out of it anyway!

Wednesday- Zach and I went for sa 1o mile bike ride while ribeyes marinated in the fridge.  I grilled those up and we had supper on the patio.

Thursday- Bible Study tonight on Matthew 27.  Only one more session left.  The Matthew Study has been awesome.  Next fall we start a 20 week study on Acts of the Apostles.

Friday- we had our introductory course of our 4 part training on Adult Faith Formation training.  Brian Pizzalato from the Diocese of Duluth came to start us out.


Paul Bunyan Trail Bike Ride April 15, 2010

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A couple of the boys in our Troop of Boy Scouts are working on  their Cycling Merit Badge.  To be an Eagle Scout you must earn 21 merit badges.  One of the merit badges you must earn is from this group of three: Swimming, Hiking, Cycling.  Last year Zach earned his Swimming Merit Badge so he’s covered, but a few in our patrol wanted to do the cycling one so we are more or less going along for the ride.

Today we met for our first bike ride of the season at the trailhead by the Northland Arboreteum.  Mark and his boys, Eric, Andrew,  & Austin, Al’s son Josiah, Zach and myself, as well as a friend of Marks from church, Norman.  I have a knee that is shot so I was seriously wondering if I could make it very far at all.  I ate some Aleve for breakfast and hoped I would be good.

Our first stop (aside from a brief break to tighten handlebars that had come loose) was in Merrifield- 9 miles into the trip.  Two of the boys headed across the highway to Super America for energy drinks while the rest of us sat on benches or stretched a little. 

From Merrifield to Nisswa we fought the wind which made it tougher. We did stop again to tighten handlebars otherwise it was straight on through to the Nisswa Park.  All in all we went about 16 1/4 miles.  We had promised the boys we would buy ice cream at The Chocolate Ox but were disappointed to find out they weren’t opening for the season until the next weekend.  So, we settled for a Dairy Queen with over half of us trying the Ooey Gooey Caramel Brownie Blizzard.  It really sucked though that I consumed about 5 times as many calories as I worked off that day!  Oh well, life’s too short not to enjoy it!  Here are some pics of our outing:


Highlight Reel April 3rd-9th, 2010 April 9, 2010

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Saturday- In the morning Zach & I went to my parents house to dye Easter eggs like we do every year. The rest of the day was spent getting ready (cooking & cleaning) for Easter.  We went to Easter Vigil mass at 8pm and then we came home and made the traditional Ressurection cookies.

Sunday- Mom & Dad joined us for Easter dinner.  Papa & Nana didn’t feel up to coming out and Bonnie stayed with them so it was a small group.  It was a beautiful and relaxing day though.  The sun was warm and we sat on the patio for almost 5 hours playing cards and Mom & I ended up getting sunburned!

Monday- We had our taxes made out tonight and it was not good news.  We pay into both!  Scouts was spent going through the scout supplies inventorying them and getting them ready for the Huntersville campout.

Tuesday- Today was Zachary’s birthday!!  My youngest has turned 15 (gulp!)

Wednesday- We celebrated Zach’s birthday tonihgt by going out to Poncho & Lefty’s for supper.  When we got home, Mom & Dad and Gracie & Monica came over for cake and ice cream.

Thursday- Bible Study tonight on Matthew 26 was incredible.  Jeff Cavins, the Bible Study leader knows so much about Hebrew & Jewish customs and way of life that he adds a whole new element to the Gospels.  I learned so much this week I am still amazed.  I was scribbling notes so fast & furious I’m afraid I might have missed something so Me and a few others are going to watch this session again!

Friday- I picked up Zach and his friend Brett up after school tonight and we went to the Dairy Queen.  Then we headed over to the civic center and took in the Commerce & Industry show.  I signed up for several drawings (maybe I’ll win the snowmobile), and picked up some freebies.  After that- home for pizza from Mickeys!


Why can’t I get anything done? April 6, 2010

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I’m running around like crazy and I never seem to get anything done.  I was beating myself up about this one evening trying to figure out where all my time goes.  Then I looked at my schedule…