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Menu Plan Monday January 20th, 2014 January 20, 2014

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Yes, I am one of those people who make a monthly menu.  ”You are so organized!” you might be saying.  Really, I’m not!  I don’t like to fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to figuring out what to cook for dinner.  Several years ago I started sitting down to write a monthly menu because not only was I stuck in a rut and cooking quick, convenient “fast food” type meals, but I was spending way too much money doing it.  A menu helped me know in advance what I was going to the grocery store for so I didn’t have the tendency to overspend.  And, we were eating better because of it.  There are some months that I’m not quite on the ball enough to get a menu written before the month begins and I hate feeling like I’m getting back into old habits.


Laura, over at I am an Organizing Junkie hosts Menu Plan Monday. This is a great place to go for inspiration when planning your menu.  I enjoy seeing what everyone else is cooking up for the week and I’ve  added some wonderful new recipes to my collection.  You should check it out.  In the meantime, here is what’s on the menu for us this week:

Monday:  Cheeseburgers & No Fry French Fries

Tuesday:  YOYO (your on your own)  Jeff has to spend a second night at a sleep testing facility and I’ll just grab a snack when my meeting gets over at 7pm

Wednesday:  Glazed Salmon, Crash Potatoes & Broccoli Slaw

Thursday:  Lasagna Hotdish and garlic breadsticks

Friday:  Grilled Ham Slices, Cheesy Potatoes & Green Beans (yes, I know this was on my menu last week but something came up and we didn’t get to it)

Saturday:  BBQ Ribs, Baked Potatoes & Salad

Sunday:  Breakfast will be an egg bake, banana nut muffins & orange wedges

Supper will be Chili Colorado Burritos


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