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Christmas Day Was a Hectic Day! December 30, 2012

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Christmas Days in the Simmonds household are always a flurry of activity!  On Christmas morning we awoke early to find that Zach must have been a good boy this year because Santa did indeed visit us!  Before we open any presents though we always read from the Bible, the Gospel of Luke, telling about Jesus’ birth.  This puts everything into perspective for us as we emphasize that before present opening we give thanks to God for His son Jesus who was born a babe and proceeded to give up His life for us.


Then Zach started opening his gifts.  He received a welder from Santa!  He has welding class in school and has been getting pretty good at it and really enjoys it.  He wanted a welder for home so he can get more practice and see if this is something he could do as a job in the future.


After Zach got done opening his gifts, Jeff proceeded to open his.  In some families everyone opens their gifts at the same time.  I prefer to sit back and watch my family open their gifts.  I love watching the excitement and joy on their faces.  Jeff’s main gift this year was an air compressor.


After our gifts were all opened, Tyler and his family came over and we started all over again!  First Grace-Lin opened her gifts.


Then Tyler and Monica opened theirs.


Finally, I had bought identical gifts for all three of my “boys” which they opened together.  They all loved their Syma s107 RC helicopters but can you guess which “kid” was the most excited?


So the rest of the morning I had to duck so I wouldn’t get hit with the three helicopters flying around!


From my house we went to Mom & Dad’s where we- you guessed it!- opened more presents!



Finally, the present opening was done (for a while anyway) and we were able to have a fantastic meal of turkey, ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade dinner rolls, snicker salad, relish and vegetables trays, and dessert.

After dinner we headed to Jeff’s side of the family so we could, yep!, open more presents! 🙂  This is a pic of what the family looks like when we get together at her house.  Keep in mind, there still are at least a dozen family members in various parts of the house that you can’t see in this pic!


Here is the matriarch of the Simmonds family.


After family pictures at Mom Simmonds’ house the family started to disperse.  I met Mom & Dad in town at Papa’s to celebrate Christmas with him.  Here he is with his Snuggie on opening presents.


After my Aunt Bonnie got off work, Mom & I went and picked her up and brought her over to see Papa before bringing her back to Mom & Dad’s for present opening and supper.  This is a picture of her opening her gift from my Aunt Candy.


Finally, after supper we brought Bonnie home and went back to Mom’s to load up our gear and  head for home.  It was a looooonnngg, but fun filled day!


Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve was very traditional for us.  I had to work until 4pm (oh the joys of retail!) and then I came home, relaxed for a few minutes and then we got ready for church.  St Mathias no longer has midnight mass, they have moved it up to 8pm.  After mass we all went back to my house where I served hot apple cider, pasties and Christmas cookies and candies.  We sat and talked and took a few pictures in front of the tree before collapsing in bed just in time for Santa to arrive.  



Jeff thinks I went a little overboard with presents this year 🙂




Tyler, Monica and Grace in front of the tree.


Catching Up With 2012 So I Can Begin 2013 December 29, 2012

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I have this nasty, nasty habit.  When life starts to overwhelm me and I start feeling really behind I don’t even try to get caught up, I just let everything go.  That’s what happened with this blog this year.  That’s why I love the New Year.  A fresh start, the slate is wiped clean, new beginnings.

I love blogging.  I love sharing a little bit of home with my brother in California.  I’ve not done that for months and I’m feeling a little guilty.  So,  in an effort to get him reconnected with home and introduce his beautiful new wife to her in-laws I am going to try this whole thing out again.  Here is a super fast synopsis of what happened since the last time I posted.  Then maybe I can start anew!  🙂

June 24th:  Church Bazaar


July 4th:  Celebrating our nation’s independence at Pelican Beach

July 7th:  Monica playing polo golf at a graduation party for my brother-in-law Todd’s “son


July 10th:  Our annualBook Club Queen event


July 14th-19th:  camping in northern Minnesota’s beautiful

Boundary Waters

Canoe Area


August:  A wienie roast with Mom & Dad


August 10th:  camping (once again!) and fishing in the Pillsbury State Forest


August 21st:  Our annual Scout Bike Ride (20 miles)


September 3rd:  A Labor Day family picnic at Belle Prairie Park


September 5th:  Zach’s first day of senior year!


September 29th:  I take Zach’s senior pics  (isn’t he a handsome young man?)


October 6th:  TOPS Fall Rally (the support group that has helped me lose 43 pounds so far!)


October 9th:  My book club’s classic review of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (we go all out and have so much fun!)

October 2012 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (10)

October 31st:  Gracie is a little devil for Halloween


November 3rd:  Jeff gets a buck opening day


November 8th:  Dad’s 70th Birthday!


November 10th:  Having fun at the water park for my nephew Seth’s birthday


November 23rd:  The table is set for Thanksgiving dinner


November 25th:  Boy Scout Patrol activity at the water park


November 26th:  Zach’s Fall Court of Honor for Boy Scouts


December 8th:  My Soda Stream house party with Aunt Barb and Uncle Vern


December 11th:  My TOPS Christmas Party


December 15th:  Laughing and having fun at Janeen’s annual Christmas party


December 16th:  Walking throughSertoma’s Winter Wonderland


December 21st:  Jeff’s 49th Birthday Party (ignore the hat, he put that on to be funny)


Whew!  I’m almost caught up.  Christmas deserves more than 1 picture though so that will be a separate post.