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Highlight Reel February 20th-26th, 2010 February 27, 2010

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Saturday- Scout patrol Winter Olympic event.  See previous post.

Sunday- I was stricken with a stomach flu.  My stomach muscles hurt for days from retching!

Monday- Boy scouts tonight was reviewing scout skills.

Tuesday- Adult faith Formation meeting tonight.  We are happy to report the new adult education classes are doing extremely well.  We had anticipated about 8-10 people per class but we are ending up with 16-20 per class.  The adults are excited about the new opportunities available to them.  Some of the spring pilgrimages planned already have 30 people signed up for them!   Zach and Jeff had bow shoots tonight so before either of our meetings tonight we went out for supper.

Wednesday-  Our lenten soup suppers and Stations of the Cross have started at our church.  I picked up dad and we enjoyed dumpling soup and bars as well as fellowship with friends and relatives.

Thursday- at Bible study tonight Lex brought a shadowbox she had picked up at a rummage sale several years before that she wanted to show us.  It was a beautiful shadowbox of  the cross and several artifacts hanging around it depicting the Passion story.  It was called Thy Kingdom Come and was dated 1877.   I researched it after class and found one like it selling online for $1,175.00!  I emailed it to Lex who was astonished!

Friday-  Zach stayed overninght at his friend Jake’s house.  We ate together as a family since it was Friday and no meat day in our household.  After dropping him off Jeff and I went to watch the Olympic hockey game between Slovakia and Canada.


Winter Olympics- Scout Style!

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Last Saturday our Boy Scout Patrol, The Mighty Eagles, had a fun afternoon putting our spin on the winter olympics.  Every month our patrol gets together to bond, have fun and work on teamwork which is part of what makes our patrol so successful.  Some of the other patrols in our group get together only sporadically so they haven’t built the friendships that we have. 

In honor of the Olympics each scout picked a country they wanted to represent excluding the US.  Each scout would be responsible for providing food for our potluck representative of their country.  We had a ton of food!  We enjoyed Irish Stew, German bratwurst, Chinese fried rice and cream cheese wontons, Italian pizza, French bread, Brazilian donuts, and Finnish flat bread.  Yum!

After eating we started the events.  Our first event was hockey.  Zachary had spray painted lines, face off circle, goals and a penalty box in the driveway.  Due to a lack of hockey sticks our goalies used snow shovels to scoop the pucks out of the goals!  Zachary was a star earning his team 2 goals to win the gold medal.

Then on to snowboarding.  We have a very small hill in the back yard at the bottom of which Zach had built a jump.  Due to the fact that not all scouts are snowboarders we did award for best wipeouts as well.  It was fun watching them come down the bump.

Zachary’s love of fishing had to get worked into the Olypics somw how so our next event was fishing.  We headed out to the lake and Zach pounded a bunch of holes for anyone who wanted to fish.  Medals were awarded to the three biggest fish caught.  Unfortunately the fish didn’t start biting until a few minutes before the end of the contest but I think the boys had a good time anyway.

We headed back for home.  I had rented the Wii  winter olypics game in case of bad weather but the day turned out perfect and sunny so we didn’t even use it.  We did sit in the house for a while and watch curling on TV while munching on an Olypic sized cookie before everyone decided to wrap it up.  It was a fun day and one I hope we can repeat in a few years!


Highlight Reel February 13th-19th, 2010 February 20, 2010

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Saturday- Zach and I went shopping in Little Falls and picked up some Valentines presents and groceries for our surf ‘n’ turf Valentines meal.  After church Jeff, Zach and I played 35.  Jeff lost… a lot!  After we had won all his money we went to mom’s and wone hers!

Sunday- We started this morning with a breakfast of sausages and pink pancakes.  For supper we has our traditional meal (see previous blog post).

Monday- Scouts tonight was teaching the younger Webelos Scouts (who might be joining our troop next year) how to build fires.  It was a little windy tonight which made it harder but the only successful patrol was…da da DA! the Mighty Eagles!

Tuesday- Tri Parish Council meeting tonight was short & sweet.  The Parish Life Committee is up and running and their first order of business is the Tri Parish picnic this fall.

Wednesday- Ash Wednesday mass tonight had all of us coming home with really dark crosses on our foreheads.

Thursday- Bible study tonight was awesome!  Tonight we studied Matthew 18, an in depth discussion on forgiveness.  Our group once again spent an additional 40 minutes just sharing.  I love all the personal reflection that comes out of these!

Friday- Zach babysat and earned a quick $20 tonight while I spent the evening printing flags and making gold silver & bronze medals for the Scout Olympic event tomorrow.


A Sweet Valentine’s Day

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Sometimes my husband can be so romantic!  This morning I was led out of the bedroom with my eyes covered, to the kitchen table where there was a HUGE card, a dozen red roses and a big red bag.  In the bag were 6 arrows for the bow he gave me last month.  But not just any arrows mind you.  These arrows had been refletched with pink and purple fletchings and white nocks.  He also had heard me mention I had been watching the clearance price on a battery operated camping blender in the sporting goods department.  He bought me that too.  Wasn’t that sweet?

After Zach got back from catechism I had breakfast waiting.  I made sausages and pink pancakes for the family.  Zach was fascinated by the pink pancakes.  He didn’t know how I had did it.  I had to confess it was just 3 drops of red food coloring.

I went into town to drop off treats for my associates.

The Wild played a Sunday afternoon game against Vancouver and won 6-2.

For supper Monica and Gracie joined our family for our traditional surf  ‘n’ turf Valentines Day supper.  We started this tradition 5 or 6 years ago when we got tired of waiting for a table at the restaurants on Valentines Day.  We decided we could just as well enjot ourselves at home and it would be cheaper too!  Our meal consisits of New York Strip Steak with crab sauce, crab legs, baked potato, salad, red jello hearts, chocolate fondue, assorted homemade candies, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

After dishes were done we ended the evening by going to my mom & dad’s and giving them each a little gift.


Highlight Reel February 6th-12th, 2010 February 13, 2010

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Saturday-  The Nyquil I took laste last night must have really knocked me out.  I woke up at 7am, walked out to check on the boys (still sleeping), went back to bed and slept until 9.  Zach and I went to the library (he’s been reading like crazy), went to Culver’s for lunch where we saw my sister-in-law Teresa, stopped at Wal-Mart for milk and a battery for our home phone and then stopped at Nana’s to drop off the diabetic testing logs I had photocopied for her.  We decided to skip church tonight and go in the morning instead so when Jeff came home we played a couple of games of 35, ate the turkey, mashed potatoes & stuffing I had made and watched the Wild game.

Sunday- Went over to Mom’s for a superbowl party.  I made a new Mexican Dip in the crockpot that was really good, and while the guys watched the game Mom & I played cards.

Monday- Our boy scout meeting tonight was attending the school board meeting.  The boys need this for the Citizenship merit badges.  It was the first school board meeting I had ever been to and it was more interesting then I thought it would be.

Tuesday- Book Club tonight was fun.  We met at Northwest Pizza and we were reviewing a great book,  Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.  The book recieved a lot of 4 star ratings from our group.  Read my review of it here.

Wednesday-  I went to confirmation class with the young man I am sponsoring.  Our guest speaker tonight was supposed to teach us about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I say supposed to because all he did was confused me.  I had a healthy understanding of it going into it having taught it to my catechism classes, but now I’m not sure what I know anymore.  They probably shouldn’t have that man teach us again.

Thursday- Bible study on Matthew 17 was on The Tranfiguration.  After the study we stayed and just chatted for a while.  What a great group of people in the study!

Friday- Last night Zach and I played cards for hours again.  I’m not getting much book reading done lately because he wants to play cards constantly!  That’s okay, he’s only mine for a little while longer and I’ll enjoy spending time with him while I can.


Highlight Reel January 30th- February 5th, 2010 February 7, 2010

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Saturday-  Zach and I spent the afternoon in town running errands, going to the library and getting haircuts.   After church we watched the Wild game.

Sunday-  We were going to have Papa’s birthday party tonight but after mom slipped on the ice going into church last night she was just too sore.  Zach and Jeff went to the 3-D bow shoots in town.

Monday- Scouts tonight was our planning meeting.  We set dates for a February Olympics event, a March Merit Badge weekend, an April camping and canoeing trip and a 25 mile bike ride, and a May camping trip and 10 mile bike ride as well as our Spring Court of Honor.  Whew! We will be busy in the next couple of months.

Tuesday-  Papa’s birthday party was tonight.  We played Michigan rummy and Papa won most of the money!

Wednesday-Zach, Jeff and I played 35 and Pass the Ace after supper.  As usual, I lost.

Thursday- Bible Study tonight was on Matthew 16.  We focused this lesson on the Apostle Peter and his role as the first Pope.

Friday- Zach and I played rummy for several hours.  That kid can never get enough of playing cards!


An Author Read My Blog! February 3, 2010

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If you have been reading this blog at all in the last 3-4 weeks you know I have started a book blog called By Book or By Crook.  This morning I posted a review on a book I just read for next week’s book club meeting called Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by author Jamie Ford. 

In checking my e-mail after work today I was excited to see Jamie Ford had visited my blog and left a comment thanking me for my review!  It still amazes me how one person’s opinion and one person’s little blog can reach out to so many people.  Who would have thunk it possible?