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The evening before Boy Scout Camp July 26, 2008

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Well, here it is. It’s the evening before my 13 year old son leaves for Scout camp. I don’t know who looks forward to it more him or I. He waits all year to get there and set up camp. From there he gets to have bonfires, play water wars and have sand sculpture contests. He gets to shoot a shotgun and pull back a bow. There’s merit badge classes, skits, and games. I on the otherhand am excited to do the things I don’t normally do when my youngest is home. So many options! I could go to a movie with my friend Lori, or finally have those birthday margaritas my cousin Janeen and I have been waiting 8 months to drink. I could even have a real date night with my husband! But the same thing happens every year. By Tuesday I’m moping around because I miss him and the sunshine and smiles he brings into my life. By Wednesday I’m calling him to see if he’s missing me too (and he’s not). And by Thursday night I’m packing my car for an early Friday morning trip to go see him. Oh well, maybe I can do all those things next year when I finally grow up!


Technologically Challenged July 24, 2008

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Yes…I am technologically challenged. Kind of funny for someone who has worked with and sold electronics for over 22 years. It is easy for me to explain what a contrast ratio on a TV is but I really can’t tell you how it works, nor can I repair a TV if something goes wrong. Which brings me to my point of being technologically challenged. I do not know how to blog. I just purchased a laptop and now have access to high speed internet and I have a little time on my lunch breaks to mess around with it. I figure now’s the perfect time to figure out what my sons have been able to do for years. Yes, boys, your mom is getting with it!