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Highlight Reel January 7th-13th, 2013 January 13, 2013

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movie-reel[1]Monday 7th:  I decided to stay home from Scouts while Zach went by himself.  I really wanted to finish rearranging and reorganizing my kitchen cupboards.  At Scouts, Zach had his first Fly Fishing Merit Badge class.

Tuesday 8th:  I went to TOPS tonight and was relieved to see the scale drop another 2.4 lbs.  Christmas, New Years and the 3 weeks without a weigh in really did a number on me.  I had to work like crazy to take off all the Christmas cookies, candies and New Years appetizers and cocktails.  After TOPS I headed to my Book Club for our first author SKYPE.  Fun!

Wednesday 9th:  Zach had his Student of the Semester award ceremony and afterwards we celebrated by going out to Poncho & Lefty’s for supper.

Thursday:  Jeff has been on vacation all week and the weather had not been cooperating.  Today the weather was nice enough that he packed up his fishing gear and him and his brother went ice fishing on Farm Island Lake.  He didn’t come home with anything, but he enjoyed the time he spent with Ryck.  After work I dropped my car off to get some work done on it, Jeff picked me up and we went home for some Shrimp Scampi and rice.

Friday:  Jeff is always complaining I never take off any time when he’s on vacation so I took the day off to be with him and we had an ice storm last night and the roads were so slick we didn’t go anywhere.  I sat in my chair doing crossword puzzles and he sat on the couch doing word finds.  Zach started his first day of work at Taco Johns so he was spared the boredom of watching us!

Saturday:  The roads were a little better today so Jeff and I went to town and ran some errands.  In the evening while Jeff watched the Packers/49ers game I worked out like a fiend on the treadmill while listening to 80’s music.  It’s been a month and I still LOVE my treadmill.  Everyone said after 2 weeks I’d probably never use  it again but I hope this love affair lasts forever!

Sunday:  After church  came home to make a breakfast of fried eggs over corned beef hash, toast and monkey bread.  Zach went fishing after breakfast, Jeff tuned into a football game and I read for a little until Mom called and asked if I wanted to go see Papa with her.  We had good intentions, but when we got there Papa was not “home!”  He had went along on a day trip to the farm.  After visiting with Mom for a while I came home, made supper (Cheesy Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Banana Cream Pie) and spent the remainder of the evening on a heating pad and playing games with Zach on Facebook.


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