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He’s Smarter than the Average Bear, Boo Boo! January 12, 2013

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:29 pm

yogiUsually when I get letters from Brainerd High School addressed to “the parents of Zachary Simmonds”  I cringe.  Either his lunch account is seriously past due and he forgot to tell me, or it’s a progress report from one of his teachers saying he’s not been turning in his homework.  So it was with some trepidation that I opened the envelope I received in the mail a few weeks ago.


My anxiety turned to delight, however, when I read that Zachary had been nominated Student of the Semester!  When he came home I pulled out the letter with a stern look on my face and said “I received a letter from school today.”  With his tail tucked between his legs he sat down to listen.  When I finished the letter he said “uh! uh!” and sat there with a disbelieving look on his face.  It was really quite comical.  Then he proceeded to tell me all the reasons we SHOULDN’T go to the ceremony.


Needless to say, his explanation that Student of the Semester was just for “yuppie boys” was not convincing enough for us,  so this past Wednesday Jeff and I were proud parents as we watched Zachary receive his award.  We could not convince him to stand under the big Congratulations Student of the Semester banner for a picture  (too embarrassing mom!) so I made him promise we could take one with his certificate at home.  I tried to get a serious “I’m proud to be smart and hardworking” smile from him but every time I went to snap the picture he would cross his eyes, stick out his tongue or stick out his bottom lip in a pout.  Then I got this one and it was just too cute not to use  🙂



Congratulations Zachary!  We are very proud indeed!


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