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Highlight Reel December 31st-January 6th, 2013 January 6, 2013

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 8:28 pm

ImageNot a real exciting week other than the first couple of days.

Monday 31st:  Spent the day cooking and preparing for my New Year’s Eve party.

Tuesday 1st:  Zach had an interview at 10:30 am at Taco John’s.  Hopefully he gets the job because he has been out of work far too long and his meager savings has been depleted!  Then we were invited to my Aunt Mary & Uncle Jerry’s New Year’s Day party.  I cooked up some more chimi bites and some more mini spinach dip bread bowls and we headed over for an afternoon of more eating and card playing.

Wednesday 2nd:  Back to work I go.  Thankfully it’s a short week.  I’m battling a little sinus/toothache thing.

Thursday 3rd:  I’ve got nothing…

Friday 4th:  Did some more couponing today and added to my food stockpile.  Drastic measures will now have to be taken.  It’s time to reorganize my home to add another pantry and make better use of the space I have or there will be absolutely no room for this food I have just brought home.  I mapped out my current cupboard arrangement and made plans to reorganize and started tonight by cleaning out the hall linen closet and making it into a second pantry.

Saturday 5th:  Got about half of my kitchen cupboards rearranged today.  Have a couple of boxes of VHS movies to bring to one of the charitable organizations in town.  Made lasagna and put the self cook timer on the oven while we headed to town to pick up hardware to fix the shelf in Tyler’s old closet so I could store the sleeping bags and sheets from the old linen closet in his closet.  After eating supper. Tyler came over to watch the Vikings/Packers game with us.

Sunday:  Almost done with my reorganization project!  Several boxes of baking pans, bowls, platters, etc, going to charity.  I actually have empty cupboards!  (Of course I still have a whole stack of stuff I haven’t figured out where to put yet!)  lol  This is one of my goals on my Project 52 so I’m excited to get one item crossed off the list this early in the year.

**If you don’t remember Project 52, it is a “thing” I have done for the past 2 years.  Instead of setting a few big New Year’s Resolutions a group of us set 52 smaller mini goals to achieve throughout the year.  I usually post mine to help keep me accountable, but I haven’t finished writing all 52 yet.  Last year I crossed off 30 of my 52 mini goals.  Not a roaring success, but not a complete failure either!  


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