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2013 is Here!! January 1, 2013

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I could look at the start of the new year as a blank slate, but slate is black and chalk is white and that sounds a little too boring.  I’d rather look upon it as a blank canvas.  Canvas is a white background that can be filled with a multitude of colors and I’m hoping 2013 will be a colorful, beautiful year!

Last night we rang in the new year with a party at our home.  We have been having the New Year’s Eve party ever since we were married…so over 20 years now.  We enjoy getting together with family and friends and playing a few games, eating lots of food and having a few cocktails.





This year my menu consisted of Chimi Bites, Hot Crab Spread on little toasts, Hot Beef Spread on french bread, Sticky Balls, Queso Dip with Tostitos, Dogs ‘n’ Hogs (Lil Smokies wrapped in bacon cooked with brown sugar), Mini Bread bowl Spinach Dip, bean dip with Doritos, a cheese and cracker and meat tray, chips, Buffalo Chicken Wing Quesadillas with blue cheese and celery, gluten free cheese crackers, a Cheese Ball and Laughing Cow cheese wedges, a cookie and candy tray, and Baklava!  

Zach was a huge help in the kitchen all day getting everything cooked up!

After we ate I passed out some blank buttons and had everyone fill in their New Year’s resolutions.  Some were silly…



like Jeff’s resolution to “Catch More Fish” and some were more serious goals, like mine…


to become a Kops (which means I will hit my goal weight in 2013), Read 100 books (I have come close every year for the past 3 years but I always seem to miss it) and Get More Organized ( in my home life, at work I am so super organized that everyone teases me about it!)

Then we played one of my favorite games Sh*t Bucket.  Don’t ask me where it got it’s name, but with the right crowd this game is CRAZY!!



Monica is laughing at Todd’s rendition of…hmmm…what was he trying to do?

I think in this picture Mark was doing the chicken dance…or maybe something else?



And by this time Jeff and Janeen were cracking up at everything!



After another trip to the bar


we played some Catchphrase



some 5 Second Rule



and as some of us started to wind down…



others were still ready to PARTY!!



so PARTY we did!!



At midnight I always serve “Fortune Cake.”  Each cupcake has a fortune or a prediction for the upcoming year.



Here’s a toast to you in hopes that your New Year will be as special as I’m sure ours will be! Happy New Year!



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