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Catching Up With 2012 So I Can Begin 2013 December 29, 2012

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:38 pm

I have this nasty, nasty habit.  When life starts to overwhelm me and I start feeling really behind I don’t even try to get caught up, I just let everything go.  That’s what happened with this blog this year.  That’s why I love the New Year.  A fresh start, the slate is wiped clean, new beginnings.

I love blogging.  I love sharing a little bit of home with my brother in California.  I’ve not done that for months and I’m feeling a little guilty.  So,  in an effort to get him reconnected with home and introduce his beautiful new wife to her in-laws I am going to try this whole thing out again.  Here is a super fast synopsis of what happened since the last time I posted.  Then maybe I can start anew!  🙂

June 24th:  Church Bazaar


July 4th:  Celebrating our nation’s independence at Pelican Beach

July 7th:  Monica playing polo golf at a graduation party for my brother-in-law Todd’s “son


July 10th:  Our annualBook Club Queen event


July 14th-19th:  camping in northern Minnesota’s beautiful

Boundary Waters

Canoe Area


August:  A wienie roast with Mom & Dad


August 10th:  camping (once again!) and fishing in the Pillsbury State Forest


August 21st:  Our annual Scout Bike Ride (20 miles)


September 3rd:  A Labor Day family picnic at Belle Prairie Park


September 5th:  Zach’s first day of senior year!


September 29th:  I take Zach’s senior pics  (isn’t he a handsome young man?)


October 6th:  TOPS Fall Rally (the support group that has helped me lose 43 pounds so far!)


October 9th:  My book club’s classic review of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (we go all out and have so much fun!)

October 2012 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (10)

October 31st:  Gracie is a little devil for Halloween


November 3rd:  Jeff gets a buck opening day


November 8th:  Dad’s 70th Birthday!


November 10th:  Having fun at the water park for my nephew Seth’s birthday


November 23rd:  The table is set for Thanksgiving dinner


November 25th:  Boy Scout Patrol activity at the water park


November 26th:  Zach’s Fall Court of Honor for Boy Scouts


December 8th:  My Soda Stream house party with Aunt Barb and Uncle Vern


December 11th:  My TOPS Christmas Party


December 15th:  Laughing and having fun at Janeen’s annual Christmas party


December 16th:  Walking throughSertoma’s Winter Wonderland


December 21st:  Jeff’s 49th Birthday Party (ignore the hat, he put that on to be funny)


Whew!  I’m almost caught up.  Christmas deserves more than 1 picture though so that will be a separate post.


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