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Highlight Reel February 13th-19th, 2012 February 25, 2012

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Monday- Took an extra day off because of my pinkeye, but did go to Scouts that night because by that time I had been on antibiotics and eye drops for 24 hours.

Tuesday- We spent our Valentine’s Day watching Gracie.  Normally I make a sumptuous surf and turf meal but I decided to hold off until Wednesday when Zach would be home to enjoy it with us.   You didn’t hear it from me but Zach bought flowers for a girl at school!  🙂

Wednesday-  We had our annual IEP meeting at the school with Zach’s case manager.  His teachers say he is doing well and they are going to try giving him a little bit more responsibility with his school work.  I think he’ll do a great job.  After the meeting we went home where Jeff noticed he was having problems with the drive idler on his truck so he ran into town to get parts for that while I started supper.  We had crab legs, steaks with a parmesan crab sauce (my favorite!), baked potatoes, salad, and strawberry angel dessert.  After supper, Zach took off for confirmation class and Mom & Dad came over to our house.  When Zach returned we celebrated Mom’s birthday with carrot cake and ice cream.

Thursday- Watched the Minnesota Wild take on the Winnipeg Jets.  While we ended up losing, it was one heck of a fun game to watch!

Friday-  Zach stayed in town after school to hang out with some friends and go out for supper at Buffalo Wild Wings.  In the evening, Tyler, Monica and Gracie came over and everybody watched Breaking Dawn.  I love the Twilight Saga and this one for some reason had me bawling from the get go.  I don’t understand why I cried through the whole thing, but I did.

Saturday-  Zach helped cut wood for a former Scout leader and then loaded up some wood to bring to his Grandma Simmonds.  From there he left for work and when he came home he was one pooped poppet.  Jeff and I played a game of rummy after supper where he barely beat me but that didn’t stop him from gloating.  🙂

Sunday- Monica and Gracie came to church with us, we came home and made Fat Morning sandwiches for breakfast.  The rest of the day was quiet and relaxing!  🙂


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