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Such a Good Boy February 18, 2012

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:47 pm

I hear it often and I’m not above bragging a little bit.  I’ve been told often I have good boys.  I’ve heard for years how polite, helpful and well-mannered they are.  Seeing their slightly naughty side when they were younger, I was skeptical.  As they’ve grown older I can sit back with a somewhat less critical eye and see the fine young men they’ve become.

Tyler is good with money.  He’s had to be.  We’ve never been in a financial position to dish it out and pay for everything for him.  When he got a job he became responsible for his own expenses.  His part of the cell phone bill, his car insurance, his gas money.  Right now he’s making stressful decisions about buying a house.  He’s taking his time, inspecting things thoroughly and making sound decisions.

Zach is a hard worker.  He wanted a chainsaw for Christmas (what 16-year-old kid asks for a chainsaw?) so he could cut wood and earn a little extra money.  He has spent days cutting wood, loading it up, splitting it by hand and stacking it.  His goal is to get about 5 cords or so piled up and then advertise to sell it.  He’s been telling everyone he’s selling wood and asking them if they need any.  One of the men he asked desperately needed wood but couldn’t afford to buy any.  Zach spent 4 hours of his time helping this man load, cut, and pile wood…for free.   Then today, he loaded up some of his wood he’s been trying to sell and brings it over to his grandma’s.  And while at this rate he’ll never be flush with cash, he is rich in other ways.

So if I tend to boast a little, humor me, it’s well deserved!


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