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Greetings from the sniffling, sneezing,coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, can’t rest Simmonds February 11, 2012

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 3:11 pm

Hello family!  I know you haven’t heard from me in a while, and truthfully, you probably don’t much care, but…I’m back!!!


It’s been a heck of a last month.  Christmas came and went, then general busyness and a huge feeling of being overwhelmed and I was so excited to finally be going on vacation so I could have some stay at home time to unwind and CLUNK!   I got sick  😦

When it hit, it hit hard.  At first I just thought it was an annoying little sinus thing.  After a couple of days of that, last Friday  I started sneezing and sneezing.  No biggie, just a cold. A day and a half into my “just a cold” and I was flat on my back in bed.  Sleeping for hours and hours on end.  When I started feeling a little bit better on Wednesday I got up out of my easy chair to catch up on some housework.  Well, after about 10 minutes of doing dishes I had broken out in a cold sweat and I started feeling shaky.  NO energy.

Here it is Saturday, going back to work on Monday, and I wake up with a pink eye.  Some vacation!


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