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Highlight Reel November 12th-18th, 2011 November 19, 2011

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Saturday- Zach had to work 9-3 so he missed out on hunting this morning but he made it home in time to go out tonight.  Mom, Gracie and I went to the nursing home to visit Papa.  He loves to just sit and watch Gracie play.  After a trip to the library to replenish our children’s library books we came home.

Sunday-Well, the final day of deer hunting and we added no more to the freezer (which is fine by me!)  Two is enough for us. 

Monday-Tonight for our Ad Altare Dei class I had the boys make altar bread for our chapter on the Eucharist.  Then, during the regular Scout meeting I worked on recharter and finally got that done.  Whew! 

Tuesday- Gracie spent the evening with us and Brenda dropped off my Pampered Chef order.  I love my stir and chop utensil and the can opener is awesome!

Wednesday- Zach had a free evening because he didn’t have to work because Wednesdays are confirmation nights but there was no confirmation either.

Thursday- Bible Study tonight was on Revelation 16-18.  Small group tonight, there were only 5 of the 13 there but sometimes a smaller group makes for a more intimate discussion.

Friday-  Spent the evening reading Mayflower a non-fiction book about the pilgrims coming to America.  I thought it was a fitting read for November.



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