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Highlight Reel November 5th-11th, 2011 November 12, 2011

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Saturday-Hunting Opener (see previous post)

Sunday- Guys still hunting.  Monica, Gracie, Zach and I went to Seth’s 10th birthday party and then we dropped Zach off at work.  We had Finger Lickin’ Chicken Chops in the crockpot all day so the house smelled yummy when we got home!

Monday- Zach flew in the house after school and donned his hunting clothes so he could hunt for an hour and a half after school before we headed to scouts.  I taught the Ad Altare Dei class for an hour before scouts and then we had our regular Scout class.

Tuesday-Book Club.  We reviewed Cleopatra: A Life.  It was not an easy read since it was non-fiction (I thought it was historical fiction when I nominated it!) but as alwasy it was a great review.  Today was my dad’s 69th birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  I love you!

Wednesday-  Zach stayed home from school to hunt today.  We let him do that one day out of the hunting season.  He had no luck though and didn’t even see one.  He also had confirmation and on the way home from that class we were only traveling 35-40 mph because it was snowing so hard we couldn’t see the road!  Then we headed to mom’s for Dad’s birthday party.

Thursday- Bible Study was Revelation 14-15.  After coming home I used some essential oils I had received from a friend to massage Jeff’s leg that has been bothering him for the last week.  I’m using a combination of lemongrass, wintergreen and peppermint.  I don’t know if it’s working yet but it sure smells good.  At least I think so, Tyler thinks it smells like a nursing home in here!

Friday-Monica and Gracie came over for the weekend again.  We watched Eclipse (Twilight Saga).  We have free Showtime for 3 months as an anniversary gift from DIRECTV.  


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