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Deer Hunting Opener 2011 November 12, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 4:45 pm

This morning the deer hunters woke up early to get their gear ready and get out to their stands before the deer started moving.  Gracie slept in and I read until she woke up.  I have a 404 page book due by Tuesday and as of last night I was only 46 pages into it.

Throughout the morning Gracie and I would hear gunshots from behind the house but we didn’t know if they were from our group or someone else.  Around 9:30 we started breakfast knowing the hunters are normally back by 10.  We started with Monkey Bread.  I quartered the biscuit dough while Gracie shook the pieces in the cinnamon sugar mixture and dropped them in the bundt pan.  We also made sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast burritos. Breakfast was ready but the hunters were back.  That’s when I found out Jeff shot a buck.

It was a 7-point buck with a drop down tine. He was pretty excited!  After breakfast they all took a nap and then they went out again.  I put stroganoff in the oven and Gracie and I played and read books all afternoon.  Right before dark Monica shot one.

After cleaning up we had supper and headed to church to thank the Lord for an abundant day!


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