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Highlight Reel October 22nd-28th, 2011 October 30, 2011

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Saturday-Zach and I went into town to help Mom & Dad move some of Papa’s furniture and things out of the apartment.  Then I went home to watch the Wild game.

Sunday- Jeff watched the Vikings game while Zach and I read.  It was nice to relax for a while.  For the rest of the evening Zach worked on his Railroading Merit Badge.

Monday-I picked up Zach from school and we went to Super One to drop off a job application.  He got hired on the spot.  We had to run to Walmart quickly to buy a white shirt, black pants and a tie since that was the dress code.  Then we met at 5:30 with the Boy Scouts to carpool to Crosslake where we spent time at the Northern Trackers Railroad Club’s Museum.  To see more about it, click here.

Tuesday-  Gracie and Monica came out after work and we had tacos for supper before Monica left for RCIA classes.  I read The Hungry, Hungry, Caterpillar so many times that I finally bundled Gracie up and we headed for the library to check out some different books.  When Monica got out of class she took Gracie home and I went to pick up Zach from his first day on the job.

Wednesday-  Zach, Dad and I went to confirmation tonight.  About once a month the church holds a large group confirmation meeting that is supposed to be attended by a parent and the confirmation sponsor (who in this case is my Dad) 

Thursday-I rushed home from work to put together a hotdish for a funeral at the church the next day and then headed to church for my Bible Study.

Friday-  I got up early to bring my crockpot of hotdish to the church for the funeral and after work I picked Zach up, took him to work and went home to pack for our overnighter at Miller Castle.  When Zach finished up with work, we headed to the castle.  For more on our Haunted Castle event for Boy Scouts, click here.



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