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Mighty Eagles Halloween Party October 25, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 6:15 am

Last night the Mighty Eagles came over for our patrol night.  Once a month our patrol does something fun, just us, not the rest of the scouts.  Our patrol nights build friendships, teamwork and skills.  Our patrol leader brings up his idea of what we should do and the boys all decide if that’s okay or help to come up with alternate plans.  Josiah decided he wanted a Halloween party and the rest of the boys jumped all over that!

Planning the menu was so much fun.  We provided the BBQ worms, swamp water, human flesh appetizer (or appetite suppressant…yuck!), and the kitty litter cake.  The others each brought scary foods as well.  Josiah brought bloody eyeballs and maggots and Andrew and Austin brought Jello eyes.

Then the games begun.  Josiah brought mini pumpkins for a carving contest.  It’s definitely more challenging carving a small one!  I pinned names of Halloween monsters on the back of the boys shirst and they had to ask questions to figure out who they were.  Then we did the mummy wrap where they had to see who could wrap the other person with toilet paper the fastest.  We had more games set up in the garage (witches hat ring toss, boulder bowling…etc.) and then the adults sat around the campfire while the boys played sardines in the dark yard.  As always we had a great time!



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