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Highlight Reel October 15th-21st, 2011 October 22, 2011

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Saturday- was running errands day.  We visited Papa in the nursing home for a while then drove around town picking up job applications for Zach, looked for Halloween decorations for our Halloween party Friday, got groceries, got my haircut and went home.  I continued to read my very awesome book that I can’t wait to post about while Jeff and Zach went out to cut wood.  After BBQ ribs, baked potatoes and green beans for supper, the guys went down to the river for a little “fishin’ in the dark” and I am currently watching the Wild and enjoying their 2-1 lead over the Detroit Red Wings!

Sunday-was kind of a quiet day.  I missed my Gracie because she wasn’t able to come today.  After Mass I taught a class at the church on Halloween because Deacon Marks had to unexpectedly do the homily in town .  We went out for the breakfast at the buffet at Saint and then home.  I went to bed (having a bad day hormonally) while Jeff and Zach went to cut wood.  When they came home they split the wood and I stacked it.  We should have enough wood for the firepit to last us the winter.

Monday- For Scouts we went to Parker Castle for the Halloween Haunted Dungeon Meeting.  Next weekend we will be sleeping in the dungeon and setting up the Haunted House portion of it for the big Cub Scout Day at Parker.  They have 250 Cub Scouts and parents registered so it should be a big day!  Last year I was the person in the dungeon who was the “screamer.”  I had no voice left the next day (and my family rejoiced!) let’s see how I do this year!

Tuesday- I babysat Gracie while Monica went to her RCIA classes.  She helped me cook supper, we watched Dora, and she got to tease Jeff all night long.  She loves calling him names like turkey butt and frog lips!

Wednesday- Zach didn’t have confirmation tonight so it was a free night!  We went to town to do a mystery shop job.  I am employed by a company that asks for secret shoppers in this area.  I have done Applebees, Erbert & Gerberts, Buffalo Wild Wings, Tanner Motors and others.  It’s kind of fun and easy pay for the few minutes it takes to get the job done.

Thursday- I went to Bible Study.  Our lesson this week was on Revelation 6-7 and the opening of the Seven Seals.  Interesting stuff!

Friday- We had our Boy Scout Patrol Halloween Party.  A separate post on this will be coming soon.  It was frighteningly fun!


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