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Highlight Reel September 10th-16th, 2011 September 17, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 9:06 am

Saturday- At Huntersville

Sunday- Still at Huntersville.  Had our own 9/11 Memorial Service at camp and then packed up and were home by 2pm.  Exhausted, we didn’t accomplish much else the rest of the day.

Monday- Our fist day of the Scouting year.  The boys played a mixer game so the new kids could learn everybody.

Tuesday-  Book club at Sheila’s.  We discussed the book The Postmistress.  Boring!  We had 1940s war-time food, which was fun.  I made Macaroni & Tomatoes which is a favorite of Papa’s.  We also had our charity book sale and we decided the money this year would go to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which provides an age appropriate new book  every month until a child turns five years old.

Wednesday-  Tyler had t call in to work today.  After a doctor’s appointment it was determined he had sprained his foot.  What is it with my kids?  It’s a good thing we have several pairs of crutches in the house!

Thursday- I picked Zach up after school today and we visited with Papa, Bonnie & Candy before heading to the doctor to get his stitches out.  I wish I would have had a camcorder to record all the funny faces he made while the doctor was pulling them out!

Friday-  My Dad and Zach went on a launch for church and only caught 1 walleye between them.  Oh well, sounds like they had a good time anyway.  Jeff & I stopped at a garage sale and ending up picking up a couch & a rocker/recliner.  It’s not really my style and we really couldn’t afford it, but we couldn’t afford not to either.  My company has to have someplace to sit, and trust me, my old set was not sittable anymore.


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