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Huntersville Clean Up Weekend September 14, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 10:00 pm

The next time you go to Huntersville, shout a big “Thank You” to the Mighty Eagles patrol, Assistant Scoutmaster Mark & Committee Members Jim and Angie.  They spent the entire weekend cutting down brush, dangerous dead trees, hauling and stacking wood, making raised log benches,  and cleaning the fire pit, cabin, and outhouse.

I’ll have to admit, never having been to Huntersville before, I did not know what to expect when I drove in.  At first I was horrified!  I like rustic camping, but this place looked run down and choked with brush.  To start with, three trees had to be cut & cleared off the road before we got to the campsite.

Then the fire ring area had to be tended to before we could even start to think about roasting wieners for supper.

And the outhouse?  When I finally did find it was filled with leaves and the dirt on the seats was THICK!  Everyone got right to work.  We worked until dark Friday night.  We started at 6 am Saturday morning and we were finally able to relax before our Dutch Oven supper.  Then we worked up until the time we left Sunday afternoon.  Everyone was hot, sweaty and tired but also happy and proud of our accomplishments. 

And doesn’t it look much better now?

Andrew, Austin & Zach paused in front of one  of the woodpiles for a picture before we left.  What a fantastic group of young men these are- of course, I may be a little partial :)!


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