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Highlight Reel September 3rd-9th, 2011 September 14, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 9:57 pm

Saturday-  Zach’s accident (see previous post)

Sunday- Everyone’s sleepy today after the late night last night.  Zach has a hard time getting comfortable because the leg with the road rash keeps oozing and sticking to everything.

Monday-Labor Day!  Jeff goes fishing and I stay home with Zach who is still confined to the couch.

Tuesday- Zach hobbling around without his crutches today.  Jeff & I are back to work.

Wednesday- Zach’s first day of his junior year.  After school we go to Mom’s for our traditional first day of school meal of homemade noodle soup.  After supper we head in to the nursing home to visit Papa for a while and then down to Mary & Jerry’s to check out their garage sale before it opens to the public.

Thursday-Zach opted for shorts for school today.  Yesterday he wore jeans and just wrapped his road rash.  Not a good idea since the ace bandage stuck to his road rash.  Ouch!

Friday- I picked up Zach after school and we head to Huntersville for a working/camping weekend with our Boy Scout Patrol.



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