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North Shore Travelogue Day 5 September 2, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 9:41 pm

Finally, on Day 5 of our North Shore camping trip, the guys had a perfect day for fishing.  They headed off early for Boulder Lake while I stayed back at the campsite by myself.  They left around 7 am and didn’t get back until almost 6:30.  Almost 12 hours of solitude!  What a blessed day!

I read, I walked, I read, I took a nap, I had lunch, and then finally…I took my chair down by the lake and read!

When the guys came back they cleaned the fish and as soon as they were filleted and washed up they were battered and in the pan.  We ate the fish along with some fried potatoes and sat by the campfire. 

I had listened to the weather radio earlier in the day and knew there were showers and thunderstorms coming in.  We kind of figured we would be packing up the next morning but considering we had prepared for a storm earlier in the week that never came we were going to wait to make out final decision.

Around 4 am we started seeing lightning across the lake and could hear thunder rumbling in the distance.  Jeff and I got up about 4:30 and started packing up what we could in the dark.  I really hate packing in the rain so I figured the more we could get done now the less wet I would get.  We woke Zach up at 6 am and got the rest of the stuff packed up.  By this time it was starting to sprinkle and as we were getting the last of the gear hauled up to the car it started to POUR.  All in all we didn’t get too wet but you know what the kicker was?  Not even two miles down the road the rain had stopped and the sun came out!    Oh well, it was a beautiful week and we must have been wearing out our welcome there.  It was definitely one of my favorite camping trips!



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