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Highlight Reel August 27th-September 2nd September 2, 2011

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Friday- When we got home from camping and had showered we headed to the George Tautges Memorial Fundraiser sponsored by our church’s Knights of Columbus.  My dad roasts the pork every year and there is a band and raffle prizes that are drawn for including a grand prize of $1,000 cash and other prizes such as 4 different guns.   Alas, nobody in our family won this year.

Saturday- Jeff & Zach went fishing all day and I spent the entire day catching up on all three of my blogs and even scheduling posts on one of them a month in advance!

Sunday- We did some grocery shopping, yard work and visiting with family.  Papa ended up going in the hospital after taking three falls during the day.

Monday- Back to work…On my lunch break I went to the hospital to visit Papa and see what the test results were.  It was determined he had a stroke on the left side of his brain and rehab in a nursing home would be needed.  Then after work Zach and I headed into town for the Boy Scout annual fall planning meeting.  We got he schedule set in stone for September and October and tentative outdoor activities and campouts scheduled for the rest of the year.

Tuesday- I spent my first break filling out a bulletin submission form that I had to get to the church before the Wednesday noon deadline.  I finished it and on lunch I headed over to the church to find…I had left it in my locker instead of putting it in my purse.  Grrr!  After work I went to an Adult Faith Formation meeting at the church and- you guessed it!  Forgot the form again!  After the meeting I stopped to visit Janeen and we solidified the date of our September camping trip.

Wednesday- Got the bulletin submission form to the church at 11:55…not kidding!  Whew!  Zach got his hair cut and then him & Jeff went fishing.  They came home with some fish walleye that I fried up for supper. Papa transferred over to the nursing home today.

Thursday-Finally getting  caught up at work after vacation last week.  Zach is staying over at Eli’s house tonight so I spent the evening talking to Mom.  It sounds like things are going a little better today after the shock of putting Papa in Bethany yesterday.  It was quite an emotional experience for Mom. 

Friday-  Nice (dare I say) fall day.  I did some power shopping for tomorrows first venture at freezer cooking.  I am planning on making several meals in advance so they will be ready once the busy school year/scouts/Bible study/committee meeting time starts.  This is what I am planning on making: two meatloaves, Taco Bundles, Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake, Tator Tot Hotdish, Lasagna, Bluberry Pancakes, Peanut Butter & Jelly Waffles, Hamburger Soup, Chicken Wild Rice Soup, & Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  I will let you know what I actually accomplish!


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