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North Shore Travelogue Day 4 August 30, 2011

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Day 4 was the second day in a row that Jeff and Zach were going to get to Boulder Lake fishing and the second day in a row the weather was an issue.  No rain predicted for today just really strong winds.  Some of them were gusting to 35 mph!  We made Mountain Man Breakfast in the dutch oven.  Mountain Man breakfast is a hearty meal of sausage, hashbrowns, eggs and cheese all layered and cooked for an hour in the oven. Yummy!

Since there was no way we could cast a line in this wind we decided to head to as yet unexplored Two Harbors.  We started out on the waterfront stopping to take a look at the Edna G. tugboat.  The Edna G was one of the first tugboats on Lake Superior and was the LAST tugboat in operation.  It is now a small museum.  They were giving tours at the top of the hour and we got there at 10:19 so we decided to move on rather then wait.

From there we headed to the Depot museum and gift shop.  A sweet lady there told us about the four museums in town we should take in and encouraged us to walk the break wall into Superior.  After posing for a shot by the old steam engine we headed in that direction.

"Hurry and take the picture Mom, these rocks are digging into my back!"

While stopping to see the only operational lighthouse still in Minnesota (which is now also a Bed & Breakfast) we DID walk the break wall.  I was terrified the whole walk out.  The wind was just whipping and blowing me around (no easy feat!) so I held onto the steel cable that ran along one side for almost the entire way.  We did stop and get our picture taken (a little too close to the edge for comfort!).



We then stopped to look at the only still working lighthouse in Minnesota which is also a bed & breakfast, we ooked for agates in Agate Bay, and then went back to the campsite to put stuffed porkchops in the dutch oven for supper.  Zach fished along the shore and then came up at nightfall for some Jiffy Pop popcorn over the campfire before hitting the sack.


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