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North Shore Travelogue Day 3 August 29, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 10:16 am

Day 3 of our North Shore Camping Trip was the day Jeff and Zach had planned to go to Boulder Lake fishing but Mom had warned us the night before it was supposed to storm up here and when we woke up it definitely looked like rain.  As we fried up some eggs and bacon flavored Spam it started to get darker and darker.  We moved our dry firewood under the screenhouse and decided to take a drive instead of sit around in the rain so we headed south this time to check out the fishing lakes.  The farther south we went the sunnier it got.  We stopped first at Island Lake, a lake with about 15 small islands on it and occupying both sides of the road.  One of the islands had a home on it.  That would be kind of fun as a summer getaway!



We also stopped at Boulder Lake Reservoir which is supposed to be a phenomenal walleye lake and one that was definitely on the fishing agenda.  We stopped at a few small bait shops in the area and picked up a lake map of Boulder which Jeff spent the rest of the night studying.


See the readers? They go well with his gray hair don't they? Yes, he IS getting old!


The evening ended with a game of 35 which Jeff won mightily.  It never did rain.



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