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North Shore Travelogue Day 2 August 28, 2011

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Day 2 of our North Shore camping trip started out sunny.  Zach loves to cook camp food- it’s kind of his specialty- so when I started the steak and eggs and toast for breakfast he promptly took over.

After breakfast we headed out to do our day of exploring along the coast.  We first headed north to Silver Bay where we stopped at a little tourist info center in the “Taconite Capitol of the World.” A nice lady there told us to make sure to stop at a scenic overlook just past the Baptist church. If she wouldn’t have told us that we would have totally missed this spectacular view since it wasn’t marked in any way at all!

From there we pushed up to Tettagouche State Park and walked the steps down to Two Step Falls and also walked more steps (pant, pant) to High Falls.

I really enjoyed this hike to see the falls.  Coming from farming country, “flatlanders” as Jeff’s friend from Silver Bay calls us, seeing all the cliffs, hills and waterfalls is really a different perspective of Minnesota for us.  Waterfalls are something we just don’t associate with our state so to be able to travel a mere 3 hours north and see them is kind of cool.  From Tettegouche we traveled further north to the Temperance River.

From the foot bridge you see in the above photograph we were able to see out to Lake Superior again.

Up near Tofte we stopped at a public water access so Zach could finally dip a toe in Lake Superior.  He decided to go one step further and dive in.  We warned him it was cold but he didn’t realize just how cold it was until he was in the water.  He came up huffing and puffing and tried to get out fast.  He couldn’t feel his legs and other important pieces of him!  His first jump up did not get him on the rock, the next one did.  While he did not appreciate me laughing at his temporary stupidity (“why did you let me do that?”) he did finally have to smile as he stood warming up in the sun.


Finding not much for eating establishments in these small towns we ended up stopping for lunch at a Holiday gas station for Deli Express sandwiches!  Now heading south, we stopped next at Split Rock Lighthouse where we toured the lighthouse and saw the view from the top (the light shines 22 miles away!), the keeper’s house, the tram area and the museum.  We made a video postcard to send to Mom and our home but for some reason that didn’t go through and we never received it.


This picture taken from inside stairwell at the keeper's house


Then on to Gooseberry Falls.



Zach wanted to swim under the falls like I did when I was younger.  Signs up at the site said Swimming NOT recommended.  Since it didn’t say swimming was prohibited 😉 I assessed the situation and I let him jump in for a quick swim.




We stopped at Betty’s Pies, featured on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.  Zach really wanted to try the Sauerkraut Pie that was featured on the show (he’s weird like that) but settled for Coconut Cream when he saw it wasn’t on the menu.  Thank goodness!  I don’t think I could have watched him consume that!  On a full stomach, we headed home.


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