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North Shore Travelogue Day 1 August 27, 2011

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Our recent North Shore camping trip was so much fun that there is no way I can pack everything we did into one post, so I decided to spread it out over a few days.

Our first day was mainly a travel day.  We started packing early Sunday morning.  I had packed the majority of our clothes and food the evening before it was just a matter of getting everything packed into the car and boat.  We ran into a snag with the boat lights not responding on my vehicle.  After messing with it for a while at home we decided to just get a new light connector at Walmart on our way out. 

We stopped at Walmart bought the light connector and that worked for the driver’s side but the passenger side still being a problem we went back in for a new light bulb.  We headed from Walmart over to Holiday for ice and realized we also needed to change the driver’s side brake light!  After messing with lights for about two hors total we were finally on our way!  We headed north on 210 and didn’t make another stop until we got to Wright or Cromwell or one of those little towns past McGregor where we stopped for a lunch of cold pizza (I had made an extra pizza the night before for a snack/lunch on the way up) and a bathroom break.

After that we traveled through Duluth, hit 61 and started North to Two Harbors where we stopped at a gift shop/info center for another stretch break before heading northwest towards our campground at Indian Lake.  Zach’s first glimpse of Superior (our last trip by the lake had been ten years ago and he doesn’t remember it at all) was exciting.  He couldn’t believe how big it was!

We finally got to our campground in the boonies (just like we like it- in fact, we had no cell phone service from T-Mobile, AT & T or Verizon) and set up camp. 

Once camp was set up the guys got around to doing what they really wanted to do- FISH!

Zach caught a northern which he threw back and we had our first camp meal of bratburgers and Panburger Partner. Not exactly gourmet, I know, but quick and easy.



Zach fished until it was too dark to see while Jeff and I scoured the woods for dead limbs on the forest floor to use for fire wood.  We spent a few hours around the campfire before finally retiring to our tent.


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