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Highlight Reel August 13th-19th, 2011 August 20, 2011

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Saturday- Camping at Rock Lake!  We also took some time in the afternoon to go to the Eschenbacher family reunion.

Sunday- Camping at Rock Lake, continued.

Monday-  Troop Activity 17 mile bike ride from Nisswa to Brainerd.

Tuesday-  Zach and I biked over to Janeen’s house but it was too hard on his knee so she gave us a ride home and Jeff picked up our bikes.

Wednesday- Jeff & Zach and their friend Dean went fishing all day on South Long Lake.  Upon returning Jeff tried getting out of the boat but slipped, he grabbed onto Zach for support which caused Zach to fall in the lake with his cell phone in his pocket, Jeff to fall backward into the boat and Dean to stand on the dock and laugh at them both!

Thursday-  Zach went over to his friend Eli’s to spend the night and I stayed in town after work to get my haircut.  Jeff and I were going to grab supper out after he got off work but he split the crotch out of his pants so we ended up coming home.

Friday- After work I picked Zach up from Eli’s and went home and made chow mein.  Tyler had today off and after Monica got off work they had an appointment with a realtor to look at two houses. They both look like nice houses but they’re going to do some more looking.  I’m so excited for them!  It would be nice if they could start out their married life in a house of their own instead of waiting thirteen years like we had to.


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