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Rock Lake Weekend 8/12-8/14 August 14, 2011

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After a snap decision Thursday night that it was a great weekend for camping Zach & I started packing.  I got off work and when I got home Zach was sitting on the camping equipment he had piled and ready to go in the garage.  We spent a half hour loading the car, headed to town where we stopped for gas & ice and we were on our way to one of our favorite (and close) camping spots.  Once we set up camp Zach started cooking us a wonderful supper of scrambled hamburger and Spaghetti-Os.



After supper Zach did some swimming and some fishing.  It was starting to get overcast and there was a storm coming in but we had time to light a fire and sit by it for a while before it started to rain.  Zach hates setting up the screenhouse, but he was thankful it was done when we were able to enjoy the rest of the evening playing rummy while it poured outside.


Despite the rain, we slept well and awoke about 5am.  Zach made us a genuine camping breakfast of Eggs & Spam.



The chipmunks around the campgound are not afraid of anything and soon they were on our picnic table while we were sitting there, eating from a bag of snack mix.



Much sooner than we wanted, it was time to leave the campsite to head to the Eschenbacher family reunion.  It’s not that we didn’t want to go- we just don’t get camping quite as often as we want to and didn’t want anything getting in the way of it.  We had a good time there and stayed just long enough to eat lunch and say hi to all the relatives.  Tyler, Monica, Zach and I got out and played some volleyball which was hysterical because all of us suck!



We picked my nephew Eric up from the family reunion and brought him back to the campsite for the night.  The boys had a great time swimming…






and fishing…



and eating.



Saturday night I didn’t sleep as well as the night before.  I gave up my sleeping bag for Eric to have a little extra padding from the hard ground, it was cooler and I started to shiver, Eric talked in his sleep most of the night, and when I got up to walk to the bathroom at 2:36am, my lantern went out on the way.  Finally, morning.  We had pancakes and kielbasa for breakfast, the boys went for a long morning swim and when they got back to the campsite around 10am they went back to their fishing poles.  Eric, who was not a successful fisherman the evening before was able to snag a bullhead.



And aside from a lot of little sunnies, what did Zach catch?  A turtle!



Much too soon, it was time to pack up camp.  After a little horsing around we headed for home.




I was a great weekend.  The weather for the most part was sunny and 75 degrees and we all had a great time.  Jeff even joined us after work on Saturday night and stayed with us.  Camping is in my blood!  I can’t get enough of it.  In fact, next weekend my vacation starts and we’ll be heading to the North Shore for five days of camping!  Can’t wait!


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