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Milestone Birthday Party August 7, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 8:17 pm

Today we went to Judy & Byron’s for a milestone birthday party.  A lot of family members hit their big birthdays and the perfect way to celebrate was to do it all at once.  Both Tyler & Karissa hit 21, Kristi turned 50 and Judy turned 60.  Judy’s house on the lake is a wonderful location during the summer.  Her & Byron have a pontoon a couple of paddle boats and a canoe so there is plenty of opportunity for fun in the sun.  I convinced Jeff to take me out on the lake in the canoe, something I haven’t done in a long, long time.  Well, I think we should have stayed on the shore!  We didn’t make it even 3 feet into the water and we were both dumped in the drink!  I came up with a bra full of mud!  What was totally hilarious though was what we saw as we came up.  His whole family was standing on the shoreline with cameras in hand just clicking away! 

Jeff dumped the water out of the canoe and started to drag it back up to the shore but I said “not so fast mister!”  After all, I was already wet!  So I talked him into taking it back out.  He agreed but he told me I had to sit perfectly still and not paddle!  What fun would that be?  lol

After returning to shore and sitting in the sun for a few minutes we came to the realization we weren’t going to dry off anytime soon so we just headed for home.  I didn’t get to stay there long, but it was nice seeing all the family we don’t usually see like Craig, Shelly & Logan, little peanut Raegan and Jeremy & Kristina and Brian, Toni & baby Madi.  Nice afternoon.  Thanks Byron & Judy!

Monica & Mom


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