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Kiva Loan #5! August 1, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 7:13 pm

Meet Mrs. Ny. 

Mrs. Ny, age 38, has been living in the province of Siem Reap. To make a living, she and her husband both work as firewood sellers in and around their community. They always buy firewood in bulk from their wholesale suppliers at a low price and then they sell the firewood to gain a net income. From this, the couple can earn about $6 per day to support their family expenses. Besides their current job, they have been planting rice crops as an annual activity. Mrs. Ny is requesting a Kiva loan to buy two cows to assist her on the farm, as her old cow doesn’t support her during the plowing process. Mrs. Ny is blessed with four single children. A few of the children help her sell firewood.
I’m excited to have the opportunity to assist Mrs. Ny in obtaining her loan.  This marks my 5th loan with Kiva.  I LOVE this organization!  I believe in giving a hand up, not a hand out.  You know the Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  So true!  Many people around the world are willing to work hard to better life for themselves and their children.  Won’t you give them a hand up?

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