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Mighty Eagles Swimming Patrol Night July 23, 2011

Filed under: Boy Scout Bluster — Angie S. @ 10:39 pm

Zach’s Boy Scout Patrol came over tonight to do some swimming.  One of the boys, Austin, recently damaged a tendon in his foot and was unable to swim so he just fished off the dock at the access.  The other boys are like fish though and it was hard to get them out of the water for supper.  When we finally convinced them it was time to eat, we went home, started a fire and cooked some brats over the fire.  I had made up a crock pot full of goulash earlier and we also had chips, pink lemonade, juice and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches from Schwann’s that Alvin had brought with him.  It was a fun relaxing end to the week and a well deserved break from the icky, sticky weather we had earlier in the week.


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