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Highlight Reel June 25th-July 1st, 2011 July 4, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:52 pm

Saturday- Busy day!  First Gracie’s birthday party and then it was our anniversary as well as Mom & Dad’s.

Sunday- Polka mass at church followed by our annual bazaar.  Tyler was at BIR for some kind of car races/show.  The rest of us & Monica & Gracie enjoyed the bazaar then later we roasted hotdogs around our fire pit.

Monday- Back to work after a relaxing yet crazily busy weekend.

Tuesday-Came home from work and sat on the patio with a book until supper time.  After supper Jeff, Zach and I started a fire in the patio fireplace and played cards.  I won!  We had the tiki torches lit, a citronella candle going, the fire hot and we fogged the yard.  The mosquitos were kept at bay for about two hours so we could enjoy the night.

Wednesday- Went over to Papa’s for lunch today.  Bonnie was there too.  Onto the patio with the book again tonight after work.  Another beautiful day.! Could summer finally be here?  Zach and I went to Dad’s this evening.  there was a nice cool breeze as we sat talking.  Zach and I played a game of bocce ball (which I whooped him big time) and then he went biking with his friends while Dad and I sat around the fire.

Thursday- Hot, Hot, Hot and humid!  Hate this kind of sticky weather.  The temp topped out at over 90 but the heat index said it felt like 105.  Yuck!  Zach and I went down to the access where he swam while I read a book.  He got swimmers itch really bad!  His whole body looked like a severe case of chicken pox!

Friday-  Hot and humid again today although not as bad as yesterday.  Zach was miserable with the “itch” but just as miserable because it was hot.  He was seriously contemplating going swimming again just to cool off but I talked him out of it.  I felt absolutely lousy at work today.  Sore throat, body aches.  Spent my lunch hour in bed at Papa’s apartment!



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