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Happy Anniversary to Us! July 4, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:46 pm

Celebrating 23 years of marriage!

We celebrated our anniversary this year very simply.  Normally we go out for a fancy expensive dinner that we normally don’t enjoy any more than 371 Diner or St. Mathias.  This year we decided to skip that hoopla.  As soon as Jeff got home we had a quick sandwiches and chips supper and we hooked the boat trailer up and headed to Perch Lake.  I had packed some extra snackies in the bag and unbeknownst to Jeff I had also packed 2 wine glasses and a small bottle on champagne in the cooler.  After riding halfway around the lake we decided to stop and toast to another 23 years of wedded bliss (mostly!)  It was a nice evening.  And being the spoiled wife that I am, I got a Nook for an anniversary present.  Yay me!

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