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Highlight Reel May 28th-June 3rd, 2011 June 5, 2011

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Saturday-  Zach and I spent the entire morning working up the flower beds.  One of my goals on Project 52 was to have the flower beds worked before June 1st.  I can check this one off my list!

Sunday-  Normally on Memorial Day we go fishing and end the evening with a fish fry.  Looking ahead at the weather forecast we saw that Monday had a 60% chance of thunderstorms.  Not good to be fishing with a graphite rod in a thunderstorm.  So we broke tradition and went today instead.  We started out at the South Long Lake Dam but didn’t get anything there.  Then we moved on to the landing area.  Even though we brought the boat we fished off shore and had a blast pulling in sunnies left and right.  We finished off the evening, not with a fish fry (we’ll save that for tomorrow) but a wienie roast at Mom & Dad’s.  I cooked up a hotdish, she provided hot dogs & bean dip, I had a jello parfait and she had stuff for smores.  We sat around the fire until 9:30.  It was great!

Monday-  No Scouts for the first Monday in forever.  I don’t know what to do with myself!

Tuesday- Had Dad over for Spaghetti tonight.  Could have sworn I had garlic toast in the freezer but when I went to put it in the oven it wan’t there.  Spaghetti just isn’t the same without garlic toast.

Wednesday-  Janeen and I took a short walk today.  The weather was great.

Thursday-  Zach’s last day of school today.  He will go back to school in the fall as a Junior!  Having only a half day of school and it being Jeff’s day off they celebrated by spending the afternoon fishing.

Friday-  End of the work week and the weather for this weekend looks promising.  I can’t wait!

Wednesday-  Normally J


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