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Highlight Reel May 21-27, 2011 May 30, 2011

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Saturday- Zach at Order of the Arrow Enclave, Mom is bored!

Sunday-  I picked up Zach from his Order of the Arrow Enclave Weekend, we went home so he could shower before we headed to my brother-in-law’s house for my nephew Eric’s confirmation.  Jeff had purchased for him (all on his own, I was so proud) a beautiful leather Bible.  Eric really loved it.  Jeff did awesome!

Monday- Zach’s Spring Court of Honor was tonight.  It was one of our better ones.  Zach received his Safety Merit Badge and his Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge (his last one required for Eagle!) and he also received his Ad Altare Dei religious emblem.

Tuesday- I attended the Adult Faith Formation meeting at St Andrew’s Church.  We talked about upcoming religious classes and offerings for the upcoming summer and Fall.  I will be starting a Bible Study on Revelation in September.  Yay!  This one will be a real eye opener for me as I have not read Revelation much since it’s so confusing. 

Wednesday- Jeff temporarily fixed the mower so we were able to make it limp along long enough to mow the lawn.  It always looks so nice before those darn dandelions pop back up again!

Thursday & Friday- not much shakin’


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