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Highlight Reel May 14th-20th, 2011 May 21, 2011

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Saturday- We went geocaching in the afternoon with our Scout patrol.  We had so much fun that we checked a GPS out from the library, used Jeff’s fishing GPS and as a family we went in the evening and found some more!  Zach had a blast checking out the swag that was put in each cache and we left some of our own.  Check out the pictures in a previous post.

Sunday- First, went for a nature hike.  Then we all got in the car and took a trip to the Mississippi and had a picnic and fished.  We didn’t catch anything we could keep but it was a lovely afternoon. (and evening, we would have stayed later but at quarter to nine Jeff thought he should probably get home and get to bed!

Monday- What a gorgeous day.  I had to get Zach to Scouts early for CPR training.  It was too nice of a day for me to sit there and watch,  I brought my lawn chair along and set it up in the parking lot and read for 3 hours!

Tuesday- Today was a day from hell at work.  Everything that could go wrong did!  Was thrilled when it was time to punch out.

Wednesday- I got home from work today and was barely out of the car and Jeff was raring to go fishing.  He found a spot with some big crappies earlier in the day and wanted to bring Zach and I there.  We went out and nary a bite.  Jeff kept calling me a black cloud.  We pulled up anchor and he took me back to shore because I had an event at church to go to.  While I was at The Evening of Reflection for Women, Zach and Jeff went back out and caught their limit.  I guess I am a black cloud!

Thursday-  Knee is feeling really good today.  I think I’m cured!  Visited Mom & Papa after work and then before I went home I stopped off and visited Dad too!  It was another beautiful day so I grilled up some burgers and we packed for Zach’s camping trip this weekend.

Friday- Went to Parker Scout Reservation this evening for Zach’s “Calling Out” into the Order of the Arrow which is the National Honor Society of Scouting.  It was a native american influenced ceremony with chiefs in headdresses and drums and it was pretty cool.  Too bad it had to rain through the whole thing.  We were all soaked by the time it was done!


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