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Highlight Reel May 7th-13th,2011 May 13, 2011

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Saturday- Zach stayed at a friend’s house last night so my morning was kind of quiet.  In the afternoon we attended an Eagle Scout ceremony and then we visited Papa & Mom for about an hour. Supper was grilled by Zach.  We had pork chops and wild rice-yum!  Tyler spent the afternoon spearing suckers that he will smoke in his smoker later in the week.

Sunday- Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers (and fathers that have to be mothers too!)  I had a wonderfully relaxing day!

Monday-We went to Scouts tonight where Zach FINALLY finished the last merit badge needed to make Eagle rank.  Now all he has to do is figure out what project he’s going to do.

Tuesday-My wonderful bookies got together to review the book Room.  I loved this book and the review was great.

Wednesday-Jeff spent the afternoon fixing the mower so we could finally mow down all those darn little yellow weeds all over our lawn.  I really detest dandelions!  Then it was off to a meeting at church concerning Zachary’s confirmation next year and what he will be expected to do (service hours, homily notes, letter to the bishop, interview with a priest, 2 retreats, ministry reflection report…)  Things are definitely a lot different from when my brother and I were that age.  First thing Zach has to do?  Choose a sponsor.  On the way home we swung by Crow Wing State Park to check to see how high the river is.  If it stays high we will have to cancel the raft making/float down the Mississippi that the Boy Scouts are planning- for safety reasons.

Thursday-  Tyler and I spent the morning comparing music accounts.  I think he was quite surprised that his old mom is so hip.  He laughed in surprise at some of the same songs he had loaded on his iPod!  This woman still likes to rock…and not only in a wooden chair!

Friday- My first day back at work.  Thank goodness I was able to spend most of the day sitting due to mod prep work because by the end of the day my knee was pretty sore.  Tyler gave us a scare when he called to tell me he was sitting in the hospital with Monica.  It seems she rolled her vehicle 2 1/2 times today!  Luckily, no one was with her.  They took some x-rays at the hospital, but everything checked out good (except for her Trailblazer which is totaled.)  Zach is spending the night at Eli’s house again.  I’m starting to think he doesn’t like spending time with me anymore!


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