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Mothers Day 2011 May 11, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 3:28 pm

Mother’s Day was wonderfully relaxing this year!  The guys tried to get in my good graces early by making me a wonderful  breakfast of french toast and sausage.  Then I received a gift of a beautiful cedar bird feeder and seed to go with it.  I must have been a good mom this year!

After breakfast we went to Landsburg Nursery to but Mom S. the traditional biggest-we-can-get-in-the-car patio tomato plant.  We brought it over and visited with her for a while.  While we were there Judy, Teresa & Dave, Kristi & Scott & Seth also stopped by to visit.  It was nice chatting with them since we hadn’t got a chance to do that since Christmas.

From there we headed to Papa’s apartment to visit Mom.  We even brought strawberry shortcake with us, but alas, they were not there!

We finally caught up with my Mom the next evening after scouts and were able to share our strawberry shortcake, give her a gift and see the nice cards she got from dad and my brother Mike.


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