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Medieval Mania April 12, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 4:33 pm

Last Saturday Zach’s Boy Scout Patrol came over for a medieval themed evening.  As with most boys (and me!) the main focus of any event is the food.  We always try to stay true to the theme for the night so for food we had turkey drumsticks, pottage, barley bread, wine (non-alcoholic) and peach and apricot pie.

We had done some research earlier and found that chess was a popular game in medieval times as well as cards, so I set up the chess board in case anyone wanted to play.  The boys decided to dress in period clothing so that was fun!

When the boys first arrived I had them start on making homemade mozzarella cheese so we could eat it with our supper.  Cheese is kind of touchy depending on how good your milk is.  This time unfortunately it did not turn out.  That was okay, it made fantastic ricotta that we used in our rigatoni the next day!

After our cheesemaking venture we had supper (and a Burping Contest)   and then went outdoors for a games like  defending the Castle, a William Tell Apple Shoot, a juggling contest and some sword play.  The boys later came back in to decorate king’s goblets.

It was a fun evening despite being caught in the camera’s lens a little to many times for comfort.  I’m not used to being on the other end of the camera!


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